Stay Ahead of “Getting Old”

Human are destined to grow old, no one escapes old age. but what if there is a way to slow down the aging process? Isn’t it nice that we feel younger than we really are, stay healthier than our age allows?  I truly believe there are solutions to achieve that goal. I am living it. 

Hello, I am Yuke,  mother of a 4 year old; living in a green community in North Canada. My quest for healthy living dated back to my 20s.  By running my blog, I would like to share my experience and tips of staying healthy and young with friends all over the globe. For me, this is a journey  of enlightenment.  I hope my blog can help people with same quest and interest, as much as make like-minded friends online. 

At 20’s,  I weighed 130bls (my height: 155cm), suffering from gluttony, living in depression , guilty and low self-esteem.  I thought life would never change for better until about 8 years ago, life directed me to a path of self-education on natural living, healthy foods, yoga, self-improvement etc etc, life gradually opens up for me !

I am now 40, weighing 90bls, a happy mother,  entrepreneur and  yoga practitioner. on top of that, I am a Healthy living person, staying young & brave and enjoying life as best it can be! 

Join me to stay healthy and young! 

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