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8 Tips To Look Best Without Makeup—From Inside and Out!

Makeup can clog pores, heavy makeup actually leads to acne and other allergies, if your makeup contains perfume and oil. Do you know you can look best without makeup ? on your makeup-free days, try these tips and ways to be beautiful inside and out, you will find a new self, your natural beauty will also last longer without makeup.

Beautiful people are hardly skin-deep, they radiant from inside out,  the following 8 tips will help you gain back  the inside out beauty

  1. Believe you are beautiful. yes, believe you are beautiful is the starting point. All you beauty only shines from inside. your confidence, your unconditioned love of yourself, your pride to be you, all these good feeling will make you smile and shine, and attract people to you!

        2. Take Care of  your skin. Our skin speaks loud who we are and how we are.  so we want to choose skin care products carefully. Look for these ingredients on the label as red flag: Paraben, sulphate, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, GMOs etc.  The best skin care products should be based on growth factors derived from stem cells and/or plants.  Make mask at home with natural plants and oils, they will help lock the moisture, clean out the pores and give your skin extra nutrients.

3. Good eyebrow light up your whole face: Don’t over-pluck them, keep its natural shape and use coconut oil to nourish them.  when you have light eyebrows, apply castor oil on them every night and they will grow thicker!

4. Be transparent: Makeup-free doesn’t mean you need to avoid 100%  cosmetics. Accentuate your eyes, lips by using mascara and lip oil with no or light color, it will give your face a transparent feel, you will  then look fresher, natural and beautiful!

5. Brush teeth after every meal: clean teeth after meal for about 1 minute, brush gently or it will damage enamel. This  will greatly reduce the tartar on the teeth and improve your breath. overtime, your teeth will get a natural sparkling white.

6. Smile, smile and smile: why not? smile is the most beautiful expression of our face. when we smile,  the whole world lights up!

7. Balance meal and enough water:  good diet and water are the pillars of good health. You can’t look best if you don’t get enough nutrition. Opt for fresh vegetables and fruits, unprocessed meat and whole grains, they help you look younger, age slower, and  more beautiful.

8. Detox your body regularly:  Detoxification comes in many ways. you can find many detox drink recipes online, for example, green tea, fruit smoothie are both good choice.  break out a sweat is also a nice way to detox.

You are as young and beautiful as you allow yourself to be!

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