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The Science Behind Obesity and How To Reduce Obesity with Science (1)

Reduce Obesity


Reducing obesity has become an urgent issue, cause obesity is a global epidemic disease. There is a outrageous eruption of world wide obesity even in the country  where,  not that long ago,  famine is No.1 healthy issue. The fatness of word is changing rapidly and this is very disturbing. Cause it is going out of proportion, there is nothing people can do about it. many children become obese and then become obese adult. The disease associated with obesity such as heart disease, cancer, and especially diabetes will explode. That will mean a lot of sick people all over the world. The cost of disease and death are just as humongous.  Think about today, there are about 3 billion people overweight, and 850million real obese.


What is the difference of overweight and obesity?

Overweight means you gain a few kilo above standard. From 1 to 15kg for adults. Above this threshold, you consider it obesity. If you want to get more detailed information, you can calculate your BMI, which means your body mass index. If you BMI goes under 18.5, it means you need to gain weight, you are underweight. If it is between 18.5—24.99, you are in normal standard, between 25-29.99, you are overweight;  and above 30, you are obese.


Why people become obese?

It is very simple in theory, but become more complicated when we reach fat metabolism. We are gaining weight when we eat more than we spend in terms of calorie, or we spend less than we eat in terms of calorie.  So how do we get energy? The body will get energy only from the food. 1 gr carbohydrate will release 4 calorie, same for proteins, 1gram of fat will release 9 calories. So it all depends on how much you eat and what kind of food you eat.


How do we spend the energy?       

There are 3 ways to spend the energy. The first one is what we called Basal Metabolism, which is the necessary energy required to get our body working and all of our chemical reaction working, and working properly.  This require approx 1 kilo per kg per hour. So if you weigh 60kg, you body requires 60*24h=1440 Cal per day. We have no control over this.  The second energy is what we need to fight heat or cold, this depends on the environment and the way you are protected. It is called thermogenesis.  Again, you have little control on that. The third one is the energy you need to move your body.  And that is entirely up to you. This means physical activity is the only way to spend your energy.

Losing or gaining weight is influenced by many factors, including a group of sophisticated  hormones.

Reduce Obesity

Why such epidemic?

To understand, we have to go back to 20,000 years ago. Our genes haven’t changed for the last 20,000 years. At this time, life for human was quite difficult. In fact, life depends on food availability.  And food was only available during spring and summer. The rest of the time, no food, almost famine. Our genes had to adapt to the alternate abundance and famine, they created a kind of energy storage, the fat cell was born. This cell has the capacity to store all the energy derived from fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Because of uncertainty of food availability, our genes are oriented towards the saving mode. Which mean, every time we eat, all the energy from food was oriented in the storage facility. what happen in 20,000 years? Our genes are still oriented toward saving, but there is no famine. On the contrary, the new society offers extremely abundance of foods rich in calorie all round the year. Guess what will happen? Everything goes first into storage. Once in storage, it is very difficult to get out. That is why nowadays, it is so difficult not to gain weight. But there is another factor: 20,000 years ago, man went hunting, gathering, fishing that was a huge energy spending mode; today, with the new technology, with crane, escalator etc. we reduce drastically our energy spending, that is why it is so easy to gain weight or fat.

reduce obesity

What are the consequence of obesity in terms of health and longevity?  To make a long story short, it is a disaster. Obesity will lead to long list of chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases , diabetes, cancers, metabolic syndrome, and consequently a drastic shortening of life. That will not account for the physical mental , emotional  consequence of being fat for ourselves and  our relationship. In term of aging, obesity will shorten telomeres, increase DNA damage, reduce stem cell pool.

reduce obesity

So what to do to reduce obesity?

World-wide medical community has invested energy and time but with so small results. Health authority are repeatedly organizing campaign to inform people about the consequence of eating too much sugar , fat or the lack of exercise. But the food industry is not helping, they are still putting on the market food rich in bad sugar and bad fat. The first step is to improve your lifestyle, which means your nutrition, your physical activity, manage your stress and your emotion . To stop impulsive eating will be a very good action to preserve your life and longevity. The second step will be to use specific health supplement to manage your fat metabolism and build your muscles that you lose due to lack of exercises.

A good weight management regime, diet or supplement,  will be the good way to counteract craving, help fat metabolism and reduce muscle loss.

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