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Raw Vegan Diet, Is It For You? Benefits and Risks

raw vegan diet

Raw Vegan diet is a diet which people live on unprocessed, uncooked organic plant-based foods. It includes raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut pastes, grain and legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and fresh juices. Animal meat is completely excluded. Foods in this diet are either raw, soaked , dehydrated, fermented or slightly warm up, for high-temperature food preparation process is believed to kill enzymes of the raw foods, while enzyme is key to help digest and absorb the nutrients from foods.
There are controversy over raw vegan diet. I am not 100% for or against it, here is a general review of pros and cons by adopting this diet.
High in fresh fruits, vegetables and natural fiber, raw vegan diet undoubtedly leads to various healthy benefits. Proponents claim that this diet can reap the maximum advantages , improve your energy, detox your body , or even rid people of cancer. The main benefits of raw vegan diet might include the following :

raw vegan diet

Help maintain healthy weight
When your diet makes up only low carb and high fiber food, it is only natural that you drop pounds , experience weight loss and be able to keep it off.
Promote better digestion
Again, plant foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and water, they takes away waste in the bowel system while moving along the intestinal tract. Not only the diet promote better digestion, it also prevent gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, inflammations etc.
Control blood pressure
Raw food is low in sodium. Less sodium in food help lower the risk of stroke, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases
Clear skin
Fresh fruits and vegetable contain plentiful antioxidant compounds, which fight skin aging signs caused by free radicals. Therefore, you get clearer and healthier skin.
Boost immunity system
Due to antioxidants intake from raw food, your body develops strong immunity system, making it more robust to combat free radicals, fight oxidative stress, eventually slow down even prevent the onset of chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes, cancers, and degenerative diseases.
Improve energy level
Raw foods contain the most intact form of nutrition, the best source of life energy. Full of bio-activity and offer the shortest distance from nature to plate, dieters get the most nutrition out of it , hence get optimal health.
There are so many benefits associated with raw vegan diet, but we still need to take a second look at it before diving into it.

raw vegan diet
In modern society, food corporate dominate food industry with their packaged, processed foods, it is hard to find real organic raw foods unless you are a avid gardener and have everything ready in your garden. Otherwise, what to buy and where to buy will set you back.
In addition, many medical authorities are cautious about going 100% raw vegan, their concerns are not baseless.
First of all, the obvious disadvantages are a common health awareness: people needs balanced diet. Raw vegan diet are stripped of animal meat , in the long run, this can pose potential risk to health. Lots of essential nutrients , such as protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12 don’t exist in plants.
Secondly, for food packed with antioxidants, they release their nutrients better when its cooked.
Thirdly, cooking is the best way to kill the bacteria and pathogens in raw foods.
Last, cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard greens and Brussels sprouts) contain goitrogen compounds, which in excess can block thyroid function and contribute to hypothyroidism, but these are mostly broken down by heat.
There is no risk-free fad diet, each diet has its focus on certain foods while play weak in other respects. The key for dieters is always the same: balance and moderation. Unless for dire necessity, we don’t need to commit to certain diet, in that case, you should consult your physician for his advice.

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