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Unlock The Secret Of Staying Young and Healthy-Antioxidants



Nature prepares human a crucial way to stay young and health. Antioxidants ,provided by nature, are the ultimate guard and defense for our youthful look and optimal health.  Antioxidants entered the public view in the 1990s, when researchers began to understand how free radical damage, caused by oxygen-based reactions, contributed to chronic diseases from aging . This important micro-nutrients thus been recognized as key to help our body resist aging, fight free radicals, combat disease, and remain young.

what is antioxidants?


Antioxidants is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. oxidation produce free radicals, which damage cells, cause long term inflammation, eventually lead to chronic diseases.

Benefits of antioxidants

Adequate supply of antioxidants can quench the production of free radicals in our body. By keeping down the free radicals, various health benefits can be reaped:

strengthen immunity system

provide immense skin health benefits

prevent chronic and degenerative diseasese including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Delay onset of age-related eye diseases

Defy premature aging

Support health bones

Improve cognitive function

Boost cancer-fighting ability

Extend life span


and more

Antioxidants come in different forms. From vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, as well as minerals like manganese and selenium to other carotenoids and flavonoids and polyphenols. Each plays a different role in maintain cellular health.

some antioxidants can be produced by human body, some can not. That is why taking antioxdiants-rich food or supplements are so important.

For those that cant be made by our body, they include resveratrol , vitamin C, vitamin E ,  carotenoids  and astaxathin.  the best source of those antioxidants are primarily foods.  if you consume a balanced diet based on unprocessed foods, odds are you get enough supply of these precious micro-nutrients.

What to eat for rich supply of antioxidants


For most healthy adults, the antioxidants contained in a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables would be enough to combat most of the free radical damage. Yes, fresh fruits and vegetable always comes first.

The other foods you can eat for their antioxidants properties are : nuts, herbs, spices, green tea, beans .

Antioxidants supplements are a good source for those who don’t consume enough fresh produce in their diet.  Plus, with our fast pace in modern life, ready-made food and fast food are more than normal , sometimes even healthy-eating people don’t get to eat fresh fruits and vegetable, supplements would be a better substitute.








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