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Look Out For The 5 Warning signs You Need To Drink More Water


You are what you eat, you are also what you drink.

Water makes up 65% of our body , each of our vital organs are composed of water (75% of muscle is water, blood 82%, lung 90%, brain 76%…..).  Dr. F.Batmanhelidj, the founder of  WaterCure  is quoted to say: “you are not sick, you are thirsty, don’t treat your thirst with medication”.  even thou I wouldn’t go that far taking only water as cure for all diseases, water does play an important part in our health. Our body needs water to function properly, it energize our muscle, keep our digestive system work smoothly,  detox our circulation system etc.   We basically need water to survive.

In reality, a surprising number of people don’t drink enough water.  They drink pop, coffee, juice, soda, anything that help them stay awake, but not water!  Considering that 65% of  our body make is  water, not drinking enough water can cause serious problems to our health: kidney disease, urinary tract infection, premature aging…..

There are many creative ways to help you drink more water, buy a beautiful water bottle so you can drink water on the go  , make smoothie with water as base. However,  its still important for you to sense the 5 warnings from your body that you need to drink water.

  1. You  have a dry mouth: when you have a dry mouth, it definitely means your body needs hydration. a glass of water will immediately make you feel better.
  2. Your skin feels dry: skin is our biggest organ. without enough water, your skin can’t get rid of all the toxins on it. it will then lead to clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

      3. You hardly use bathroom: when you drink enough water,  your urine is light yellow or even water color.  when you  only use bathroom a few time  a day, and when you do , your urine is dark brown and has a strong smell, you need to immediately hydrate your body, but don’t gulp down a whole glass, just finish water within 5 minutes. imagine all the toxins that sit in your body , they need to be washed out !

     4. You experience joint pain and  fatigue: when your water intake is low, your blood gets thicken, the heart has to  pump harder to transport blood to organ cells, that makes you feel tired. Joint pain starts when you don’t  drink enough, cause water keeps joints lubricated to sustain the stress of physical activities.

      5. When you feel hungry, you might be just over-thirsty: when you get hungry at odd time, you might be just dehydrated. dehydration cause brain to mix up “hungry” and “thirsty”. next time,when you get insatiable hungry, try have a glass of water first, that might settle you down.  Also a lesson learned here: not drinking enough water leads to overeating.

Without a doubt , water is the best drink for our body, daily recommendation is 2L,  but if you diet contains lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, water intake can be less than 2L but still around 1.5L.  Do you have enough?

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