How To De-Stress Your Day In Most Effective Way

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De-stress is essential to help us manage daily life gracefully. Does this sound familiar to you? screaming kids, demanding boss, deadlines, crazy schedules, it seems we can never get a break or catch a breath. Let life break us? never, the following 10 tips can wind you down and take stress out of you immediately.

A good laugh

If you have no time for a comedy movie, read something funny, watch some funny short videos,  get a good laugh out of it. you will then find everything opens up! you will find laugh is such a good relaxation technique.



Find a quite place to sit down, keep mind blank, let everything stream in and out of your brain, “Look at ” your worries, anxieties, just look , no emotional involvement. Set up a “quite”corner in the house with art piece, green plant, anything that means to bring your joy and serenity.

Go for a 10-minute walk

De-stress yourself mindfully. go for 10 minutes walk, it can be a walk around the green corner, or a brisk walk in the park will clear your mind and boost your endorphin (in turn, will reduce stress level).



Picture something that brought/or brings you comfort and happiness, your dream log house,  lake in your hometown, a precious time with someone special, accomplishment of a big goal . all these positive visuals can instantly lift your mood up and make life worth-worthy again.

Eat a snack

A snack that truly satisfies you taste buds  will do the trick. it can be a chocolate bar, a cup of nuts, a piece of exquisite cake…. stress is a brain thing,  while our gut is the main mediator of stress.  does food take away stress? scientifically, it does.

Play with your pet

Pet can be so therapeutic regarding psychological health. 5 minutes play with your pet will ease your stress. communicating with your pet can even lower your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate.

Hear your favorite music to de-stress

Any music that you love will flood your brain with feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine. The soothing music makes you happy, content and relaxed. without music at hand? humming your favorite one also helps. within music, you get more beautiful visualization.

Brew some tea


Store good tea in the pantry. rose tea, green tea,  pear blossom, honey apple, orange glow….. tea with exotic name and flavor will relax you and quite your mind down. Green tea contains L-Theanine, a chemical compound that soothes tension.


When you feel you cant take it no more,  talking is a good way to de-stresses youself . you can  talk to your friend or talk to yourself in third person.When people used their own name in self-talk, the researchers found, the areas of the brain linked to emotions showed much less activity than when they used the first person, cause it creates a separation from reality, that as a fact will soothe your stress.


Knitting, cross-stitch, sewing , the repeated monotonous hand movement can actually soothe anxiety. In extension, praying, repetition of words, sounds will perform the same effect on your mind.


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