6 Amazing Things Happen When You Go Sugar Free


Sugar is toxic and addictive, a fact that has been brought up to attention for years by medical authorities . You can find more info about what sugar does to our health from my previous blog .

Today, I will share with you the benefits of quitting sugar in your diet. It is hard to quit something that has been part of your life almost since forever, yet, it is worthwhile to try sugar free for 30 days and see the amazing results!

In order to go sugar free , you have to limit all foods with added sugar and foods with hidden sugar. But you don’t have to cut back on natural sugar foods like fruits, even thou you don’t want to overeat them either.

To replace sugar, you should take in more good lean meat, fiber and healthy fats. Those foods make you feel full longer and are good for your overall health.

To keep it short, let’s take a look at what amazing results you can get by going sugar free.

Weight loss

This is No.1 thing you will notice when you quit sugar. sugary drink and snacks pack on pounds on your body, when you quit them,  you drop pounds. make sense?

Lower risk of  Type 2 Diabetes

The link between sugar consumption and diabetes is both direct and indirect – with sugars-sweetened beverages being directly linked to the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and equally sugar consumption leading to obesity, one of the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes. When you go sugar free, the risk factor of type 2 diabetes drops too.

Better sleep

A good sleep depends on so many things. sugar plays an sinister role. too much sugar in your food or drink will send your moods ups and downs,  unstable moods intervene your hormone that regulates glucose level, which will stimulating brains. by curbing sugar intake, you will have a much better sleep.

sugar free

Better skin

Sugar is the culprit of skin condition. it activates inflammation and binds to the collagen to make the skin stiff. overtime, excessive sugar can cause long-term damage because of constant inflammation. dermatologist has made it very clear that watch out for your sugar intake, cause it will either make or break your skin health.

Better mood

Better mood means stable moods. By getting rid of sugar in your diet, you wont experience the mood swaying. You feel calmer, better in control and therefore, happier.

Better protection for your mental health

A high-sugar diet can also have a negative impact on your mental health.  too much sugar contributes to a number of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, it can also affect your learning ability and memory. To Better protect your mental ability, go sugar free is the only way to follow.

To replace sugar, you should take in more good lean meat, fiber, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Those foods make you feel full longer and good for your overall health.  As long as you stay full and brimming with energy, you should never fight with sugar-craving moments, cause you would never have one.



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