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Plank-The Most Effective Exercise To Get Firm Flat Belly


Nobody likes belly fat, but everyone gets some. Too much belly fat not only hampers the way you look, it also causes potential health problems. Belly fat is the indication of visceral fat, the fat around your internal organs, it is far more dangerous than other fat and can lead to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Is there any way to effectively remove belly fat?  Yes, the following exercise will help you firm up belly in the shortest time possible. We call it Plank- core strengthening exercise

The advantages of Plank:

Plank is one of the resistance training we can do at home. it’s practical and simple, no equipment involved. all you need is a yoga mat and time investment. within a short period of time, you will achieve substantial results.

Tighten tummy: This exercise engages all major  core muscle groups, especially abdominal muscles.

Improve flexibility: flexibility is No.1 feature of doing plank regularly, it expands and stretches all your posterior muscles

Improve balance and posture: strong belly muscles give you better support, actually plank boosts your overall sporting capability. planks also greatly improves your ability to stand with straight and stable posture

Reduce back pain: with ultimate muscle stretching, you will experience less back pain

Improve mood:  planks stretch out muscle groups that contribute to stress and tension in the body.  when doing plank becomes daily routine, you will experience calmness and less anxiety.


How to Hold Plank Position?


  1. Get into push-up position
  2. Bend elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on forearms
  3. Keep your torso a straight line, don’t sag or bend.
  4. Relax your head, eyes looking at the floor
  5. Hold the position till it starts to hurt


Belly Firm-up Plan:

Hold the plank for 80 seconds, repeat it 8 times,  do it everyday.

if it is too hard , start with 30 seconds and gradually add up to 80 seconds.

Set up a 30-day challenge plan, you will see how incredible this exercise is when effects start showing on you belly.

Keeping up everyday is the key!


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