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How To Eat Salad For More Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss  cann’t be achieved without healthy eating.  Healthy salad will help you release more fat and build more muscle, such as salad based on greens and proteins.  yet, there are pitfalls you might fall in when you prepare salad. Read on if you are looking for healthy salad ideas.

Make oil-based dressing

weight loss

Salad dressing we buy from grocery store are high in fat and sugar. you end up taking in more empty calorie and bad fats.  Ditch them and make your own dressing based on olive oil. Olive oil are loaded with unsaturated fatty acids , which are good for our cholesterol level and help met more belly fat.  Vinegar is another great dressing ingredient, combined with olive oil, they add unique flavor to your salad and help remove more fat.

More greens, More benefits

Every kind of greens, spinach, lettuce, cabbage contain rich vitamins ,  trace minerals, and various antioxidants compounds. if you want to get the best nutrients from them, mix them up in your salad, and add herbs in it to boost the flavor, like parsley, rosemary etc.

Go nuts and seeds

weight loss

Nuts and seeds provide excellent unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, all the more, they make great salad component. Due to their healthy fats, you tend to stay full longer, that will help cut total calorie intake and supply sustainable energy for your on-the-go day.


Green salad with protein is the ultimate fat-burner. chicken breast, tofu, beans, salmon all go perfectly with greens. protein takes a longer time to digest, rightfully, you get less hungry, and take in less calorie. Plus protein products are good building material for muscle, more muscle means less fat. Keep protein within low range but never go without.

Sequence matters

weight loss

Make your salad the main dish or make salad your first course. try load your stomach with nutrition-bursting salad before moving on to other calorie-packed foods.  With total calorie dropping, weight loss comes as effortless.

Apart from being salad savvy, you can also squeeze in regular exercise, aerobic coupled with strength-training exercise daily, or at least 5 times a day. it will greatly speed up your metabolism and witness faster fat burning.

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