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Eat To Get Lean —14 Handy Tips for Weight Loss and Keep it Off

Weight loss welcomes eating, cause eating is always pleasant thing.  Eating to get lean is even more so. You eat to your fill but stay on the lean side, no sweating in the gym, no strict diet, no “I gained weight again”type of  frustration.  Isn’t that fabulous?  I am going to share 14 tips which worked wonders in my weight loss , and till this day, still are my golden rules to keep it off.


Drink Water

Most of the time, when we are thirsty, we feel hungry, our brain likes to play the trick.  This confusion leads to unnecessary snacks between meals. Make sure you drink enough water everyday, plus a glass of water 30 minutes before meal will cut down your calorie intake.

more water help weight loss

Eat Right Foods

Choose food with high protein, fiber, healthy fats, calcium & Vitamin D.  These food not only contains different nutrients for health, but give us feeling of fullness longer. you end up munching and craving less.


Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the key to uphold your proper weight. if you have a breakfast with fiber and protein, it will set the tone for the whole day!   a good breakfast lasts you well till early afternoon, and set you down with less craving for unhealthy snacks.

good breakfast help weight loss


Enjoy Treat Once a Week

Self-betterment (calorie wise) efforts doesn’t have to be stringent all time. give yourself a treat once a week, you deserve it and will feel more motivated with weight loss when you carry out the incentive plan to the word!


Small Portion Meals

When you even out the total calories throughout the day,  you are going to eat 4 or 5 small portions meals. Don’t underestimate this strategy, it helps your body burn more fat and adapt your stomach to the small portion meal, in the long run, it means steady weight loss.


Substitute Oil with Spice

Spice gives your meal more flavor, and spice contains no calorie compare to cooking oil. try use spice when you prepare foo instead of oil.

spices help weight loss


Weigh Once a Week

Our weight fluctuate in the day.  weigh once a week at the same time and with same clothes, you are likely to get an accurate number. Weigh everyday will derail your weight loss efforts.

weigh once a week help weight loss


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contains vitamins, water, and high level of antioxidants. Ample amount will enhance your health and fill you up with goodness. weight loss comes naturally when fruits and vegetables becomes part of your diet.

fruits and vegetables help weight loss


Keep mouth occupied

 N0-sugar gum or date pit in mouth will prevent you reach out to unhealthy snacks. I guess this is the trick you can play with leptin, the hormone in our body that tells brain we are full.  It works miracle on me!


Chew 25 times Before Swallowing

The slower you eat, the faster you feel full. it takes about 15 minutes for brain to get the signal of being full, so take the time to chew.


Eat out with Healthy-Eating Friend

Home-cooking is the best way to control what to eat, but when you have to , eat out with a healthy-eating friend. their eating habits will have a positive influence on you, you get stimulation to eat less and healthy, and the influence lasts, if the friend has good bonding with you.

eat with friends that help weight loss


Serve Foods on Plate

This is another trick to play on your brain. meals on the plate look bigger than it is.  there are even recommendations of the plate size: between 9 and 10 inches in diameter, closer to the size of your grandmother’s china.

small plate size help weight loss


Go Smart liquid

Switch to 1% or fat free milk, go sugar -free, cream- free when you drink coffee or tea. when water tastes too dull, add flower or herb in it to zest it up!  count all the calories you skip from the drinks, it leads to another 10 pounds weight loss!

smart drink help weight loss


Eat When You are Not too Hungry

Poor food decisions are made when hunger pangs attack,  we tend to eat anything that  satisfy the intense hunger.   Always have something healthy with you when hunger sets in, a handful of nuts, Greek yogurt,  whole grain crackers, raisins etc.












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