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10 Diabetes Friendly Snacks You Will Love

diabetic friendly snack

Diabetic people have to be vigilant about what they eat.  Refined carbs is the No.1 bad food cause it leads to blood sugar spike, comes second is sugary foods, sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, but it promotes weight gain, which, in a way, exacerbates diabetes.  Here we recommend 10 diabetes friendly snacks, they aim to provide energy, fight hunger while control diabetic signs:


Eggs contain rich protein and low carbs, it’s also sugar free. The best option is hard boiled eggs.  they satisfy hunger pangs with protein and, without spiking blood sugar.


Choose fruits with high fiber like bananas and berries. you can also add flax seeds or chia seeds in it for extra healthy fats. it tastes pleasantly sweet, will kill your sugar pang and make you feel full longer.


Opt for low-fat cheese. cheese with whole grain crackers will make best combination for diabetic people. high on fiber, protein and low in carbs, cheese should be on your must-have snack list!

Veggies assortment and humus dip

diabetic friendly snack

If you have time, sit down and make yourself a veggie assortment plate with humus dip. celery, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, veggies provide the best source of vitamins and trace mineral, while humus give your extra fiber and protein boost. both are low-GI and low calorie,  would boast top diabetes friendly snack.

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, walnuts, sunflowers, peanuts….. Canadian Diabetic Association noted that eating almonds can lower the glycemic index of healthy volunteers without diabetes. This research indicates that nuts may slow the carbohydrate absorption of high glycemic index foods (i.e., white bread or pasta) to help stabilize blood glucose levels in diabetics as well.

Home made popcorn

diabetic friendly snack

Popcorn is high in fiber, and when made from scratch is an all-natural food without additives and artificial flavorings. Popcorn comes with hardly any carbs, so eat to your fill and never have to worry about your blood sugar.

Fruits (fresh as well as frozen)

When I get to the point of poignant hungry, I always grab an apple to curb the hunger. likewise, fruits with low GI like pears, peaches, water melons are also diabetic friendly snack.

Fruit is an important part of any diet, even for people with diabetes; it provides fiber and other important nutrients.   Since fruit is naturally high in sugar, you have to mind your portion. other than that, you should include fruits to your daily snack scheme.

Beans salad

diabetic friendly snack

If you are hankering for a mini meal, make yourself a salad with plenty of greens, and be sure to add beans for the filling combination of fiber and protein. Half a cup of the below recipe, added to mixed greens, has 57 calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates. I always cook beans myself  to reduce sodium level. canned beans contain high sodium.

Baked whole-grain chips or pita chips

Unlike fried chips, bakes whole grain chips are diabetic friendly snack, they  are low in fat and high in fiber. with lots of herbs in it, you get different flavor without compromising the taste!

High-fiber cereal

diabetic friendly snack

Cereal made with bran, oats, barley, buckwheat can stabilize your blood is  perfect for quenching mid-morning hunger pangs.



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4 Top Tips For You To Reduce Sugar Craving Naturally

sugar craving

We all know sugar is toxic and addicting and sugar craving is hard to overcome. Yet it’s not impossible to cut the sugar craving. Here we have 5 tips that can help you slash your sugar intake and greatly reduce sugar craving.

Add in certain foods


when you have sugar craving, you basically have a hankering for sweet food or fine carbs like pasta, white rice, white bread etc. To beat the craving, the first step is to add in 3 categories of food into your diet: healthy fats, protein and fiber.

Healthy fats can be found in nuts and seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds , avocado. healthy fats are crucial to balance out your blood sugar and keep you feel full longer.

sugar craving

In regards to protein, opt for grass-fed beef, free-running chicken, raw cheese. … they are excellent source of protein.

Fiber can help you cut back on your sugar craving. veggies, nuts and seeds, berries. these foods can fill up your stomach and prolong digestion.

One perfect food for you to try is morning berry smoothie, with a scoop of chia seeds or flax seeds, and a spoon of whey protein. it  will provides all the nutrients your body needs and its sweet taste can take away your sugar craving.

Find healthy replacement

sugar craving

Sugar works on vicious cycle, more sugar you eat, more craving you create. in order to effectively slash your sugar craving, it’s highly recommended to replace sugar with other healthier option— organic stevia . It is naturally very sweet and considered 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like sugar and other artificial sweeteners do.

Take right supplements

For sugar-addicted people, it’s necessary to take right supplement to balance out insulin and blood sugar. Vitamin-B complex (especially vitamin B6 and B12) will help you overcome craving; probiotic supplements can get rid of the yeast in your gastric tract which are fed on by sugar.

Right exercises

sugar craving

Weight lifting, yoga, Pilate are the best exercises to help you steady blood sugar. avoid long-time aerobic exercise like running, swimming, cause it causes body to create sugar craving.

By following the above 4 steps, you will get major improvement in curbing sugar craving.


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5 Must-Have Foods To Create Satiety


Satiety soothes our body and mind, while hunger strikes us like a monster. We want to find foods that can help us get comfortably full, meaning without feeling guilty (by eating too much sugar and fine carbs). In theory, we know that protein, fats and fat are essential nutrients to help us feel full . what is the feeling of comfortable full? we call it satiety.  Fullness is transient, while on the other hand, satiety lasts.

what factors are at play to influence satiety?  the time we eat, the smell, texture and looks of the foods, our moods…. all these things should be taken into account. but the biggest  player is a hormones called “leptin”. Leptin is released by our fat cells; another big player, and Ghrelin, hormones that trigger and stimulate hunger.

So when facing a complex issue like what to eat , we need to choose food that can create satiety and  keep our appetite in check.

With food options at our fingertips 24/7, it’s really hard to tell the difference between want and need.  To achieve satiety, not only just fullness, look to these food groups for big staying power.

Fruits and vegetables


Produce is big on volume and low in calories, while veggies typically containing the least amount of calories. When you choose this food group, always go whole foods, for example, always fresh strawberry than strawberry jam, or fresh sauteed veggies than veggie juice(they might contain same nutrients but sauteed veggies give you the desired bulky feeling in your stomach).

Whole Grains

Whole grains come in all kind of categories,oat, brown rice, quinoa, corn meal…. they are high in fiber and low GI, so they raise and lower your blood sugar slowly, they also stay in stomach longer to digest. the opposite-high GI food , such as cake or doughnut, causes hunger quickly.

Lean Protein

Ideally white meat, eggs, fish, they boast high-quality protein with lower calories. actually, lean protein sits at the top of the list as the most satiating food.

Beans and lentils


Low GI food and high fiber, it fills your stomach, slows digestion, and positively influences your hormones. I cant think of better food than beans and lentils to meet your all-around nutrients need, apart from providing satiation.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are truly satisfying food due to their healthy fats, protein, fiber. Also low on GI. But mind your portions, high fat content in them can pack up calories quite quick!



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Undervalued Lemon Water : Have You Drunk Today?

lemon water

As an avid drinker of water, I was introduced to the concept of lemon water by my mom recently, who is a healthy living pro. I used to drink lemon water only for its fresh flavor,  never hooked into a habit. Upon her encouragement, I did some study on lemon water and then got convinced this is another healthy drink I should stick to daily apart form water and tea.

Lemon Nutrition 

lemon water

Lemons are packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A.

lemons, like oranges, contain a variety of phytochemicals, hesperetin, naringin. These compounds have been shown to reduce oxidant injury to DNA in our body cells.

Lemon contains 0 saturated fats and cholesterol with extremely low GI. it carries only 29 carbs and is a excellent source of dietary fiber.

Health Benefits

lemon water


Lemon water, especially lemon water in the early morning,  can flush out wastes and toxins your body(liver) generates during sleep.  lemon water can help stimulate proper stomach acid production and bile production.

Aid digestion

Lemon water in the morning can help flush the digestive system and re hydrate your body.

Boost immunity system

Due to its high concentration of antioxidants (vitamin C), lemon water can defend your body against attack of free radicals, the culprit of ox-dative stress that lead to diseases. Vitamin C is also good for the adrenals and can potentially help reduce the affects of stress

Keep your skin cleaner

The antioxidants in lemon juice are known to not only decrease blemishes, but diminish fine lines too!  its detoxification property will help maintain your skin’s radiance. Vitamin C in lemon is good for collagen production so that we get smooth and healthy skin

Lose weight

Rich fiber in lemon can help fight hunger and cravings. actually, when I started drinking lemon water, it gives me a feeling of fullness and content for the whole morning and it well lasted into afternoon. but it might be my personal experience. more scientific proof is it can boost metabolism.

Combat inflammation

Again, antioxidants from lemon is a powerful way to repair damaged cells and organs. Inflammation results from long term cellular damage. if you drink regularly, the inflammation will be kept in check.

lemon water

Make lemon water as part of your daily routine,  morning drinking is highly recommended. it will kick start your day the best way!




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How To Eat Salad For More Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss  cann’t be achieved without healthy eating.  Healthy salad will help you release more fat and build more muscle, such as salad based on greens and proteins.  yet, there are pitfalls you might fall in when you prepare salad. Read on if you are looking for healthy salad ideas.

Make oil-based dressing

weight loss

Salad dressing we buy from grocery store are high in fat and sugar. you end up taking in more empty calorie and bad fats.  Ditch them and make your own dressing based on olive oil. Olive oil are loaded with unsaturated fatty acids , which are good for our cholesterol level and help met more belly fat.  Vinegar is another great dressing ingredient, combined with olive oil, they add unique flavor to your salad and help remove more fat.

More greens, More benefits

Every kind of greens, spinach, lettuce, cabbage contain rich vitamins ,  trace minerals, and various antioxidants compounds. if you want to get the best nutrients from them, mix them up in your salad, and add herbs in it to boost the flavor, like parsley, rosemary etc.

Go nuts and seeds

weight loss

Nuts and seeds provide excellent unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, all the more, they make great salad component. Due to their healthy fats, you tend to stay full longer, that will help cut total calorie intake and supply sustainable energy for your on-the-go day.


Green salad with protein is the ultimate fat-burner. chicken breast, tofu, beans, salmon all go perfectly with greens. protein takes a longer time to digest, rightfully, you get less hungry, and take in less calorie. Plus protein products are good building material for muscle, more muscle means less fat. Keep protein within low range but never go without.

Sequence matters

weight loss

Make your salad the main dish or make salad your first course. try load your stomach with nutrition-bursting salad before moving on to other calorie-packed foods.  With total calorie dropping, weight loss comes as effortless.

Apart from being salad savvy, you can also squeeze in regular exercise, aerobic coupled with strength-training exercise daily, or at least 5 times a day. it will greatly speed up your metabolism and witness faster fat burning.

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4 Modest Changes In Lifestyle Help You Live For Extra 15 Years

Live longer

Longevity is what everyone craves for, and live for an extra 15 years is almost like hitting a jackpot in real sense. Countless studies and researches have disclosed the secret leading to good health and longevity, which boils down to  one key fact: lifestyle change. it is rated as most remarkable factor to help achieve optimal health and live longer.

Back in 1993, 20,000 men and women participated in a study, they were given a questionnaire to fill in about their health behavior. 11 years later, all the data collected and analysed.  after taking their age, gender, medical history, social class into account,the researchers found that those who had a health behavior are less likely to live longer than people who had not — an advantage equivalent to being 14 years younger. The result, later published in the January 2008 issue of the journal Public Library of Science Medicine, held true even among people who were overweight.

So what are the lifestyle changes that contribute to the astounding life expectancy improvement? read on to find out.

5 or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day

live longer

Fresh fruits and vegetables contains large amount of vitamin, minerals. they are also good source of dietary fiber which can reduce risk of bowel cancer. people eat fruits vegetable regularly have lower risk of developing heart disease, stroke and other cancers.  In a word, fresh produces have almost all the nutrients your body needs.

Drinking moderately 

Drinking is not outright bad thing as long as you keep it moderate. Alcohol can  help increase HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and decrease artery-clogging LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) . Plus, some research suggests drinking moderate amounts of alcohol (one drink a day for women, two for men) can even protect against brain disease. Wine has a little more benefits , it contain antioxidants like phytochemicals and resveratrol, which can increase energy levels and combat signs of aging.

No smoking

People who smoke have a bigger risk for heart problems, certain cancers and premature death.female smokers are even exposed to more health concerns, cervical cancer, menstrual problems and fertility problems.  no matter what many years you have been a smoker, it is never too late to quit. your body will thank you.

Some kind of physical exercise daily

live longer

The health benefits of doing  physical activity have been proven in numerous studies. You are likely to obtain the most benefits to your health if you are someone who is not very active at all and you become more active. if you are already active  and keep up the exercise, the long-term health benefit will double. either aerobic or weight-resisting exercise will help you build a stronger body. Regular exercise can prevent the risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, bone problems etc.

Live longer and healthier is not a dream, it’s realistically attainable. Follow the 4 modest changes, you can make it happen!




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1 Magical Food That Helps You Get Rid Of Belly Fat Quick


belly fat

Nobody like belly fat, we tried so many ways to shed those bulging part around waist with little effect.  Today, I am gonna share with you common food that can do the magical—Beans.

As a bean lover, I love its starchy taste, fiber content and most of all, the power it shrinks my waistline within no time! as short as in 1 week, if you add beans to your meals, you will experience the wonderful feeling of getting lean. why beans possess such fat-burning ability? let’s take a close look at it.

what’s in beans?

white, red, black, green, pinto, lentil, garbanzo, you name it, these beans all contains super high fiber.  A half-cup of beans gives you 6 grams of satisfying fiber: 2 grams of blood sugar-lowering soluble fiber and 4 grams of colon-cleansing insoluble fiber. what does that mean? that means it digests very slowly in your gut system, therefore you get feeling of full way longer; also,  with their moving along your gastrointestinal tract, it takes away the waste and toxicity, you end up getting a healthy bowel system and naturally,  less belly fat.

Beans are also low GI food. Low GI food wont spike your blood sugar, and promote stable insulin release into blood. ideal for people who deal with Type 2 diabetes. With bean’s magical power of burning belly fat, blood sugar index will effectively improved.

Rich in Potassium and magnesium, beans are a great food source to help control blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Believe it or not, beans are even packed with phenols, an antioxidant compounds, which fight free radicals, combat oxidative stress, eventually, repair damaged cells. that is why beans have a reputation of  curbing long-term inflammation, and lower the cancer risks.

flabbergasted, right? eating beans can yield so many health benefits.

How much we need beans everyday? 

belly fat

Since commonplace beans possess so much nutrition value, how much should we eat everyday?

1 cup of beans will deliver the multiple benefits. dried beans are the best choice, you also make do with canned beans (mindful of its sodium, opt for low-sodium brand).  rinse and soak dried beans overnight, then cook it in soup or stew, porridge, toss handfuls in salad. or even bake with beans, they give extra tenderness to your muffin , bread and pancake.

You can go meat free on the days you eat beans, cause beans provide ample protein and iron.

belly fat

Before you know it , your belly fat starts disappearing, and you feel lighter, more energy, stronger nails…. that is how I feel when beans become my staple food. Try it out and see the results!

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6 Things You Can Control To Reduce Cancer Risk

reduce cancer risk

Reduce cancer risk while or before it develops, this is not a myth.

Many factors play a role in whether we get cancer. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health , the risk factors are obesity/overweight, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol consumption, unsafe sex, urban air pollution, indoor smoke from coal, and contaminated injections given in health-care settings.

Even thou it is not completely possible to prevent cancer,  if we tackle the above-listed risk factors and change our lifestyle, approximately 2.5 million annual cancer deaths would be prevented through environmental and lifestyle changes.

Maintain healthy weight

Overweight and excessive weight are associated with many types of cancer. When you are overweight, your body cells don’t respond well to insulin, fat tissue produces estrogen while estrogen promotes some cancer. Overweight is also linked to constant inflammation, and long term inflammation increase cancer risk. This is why it’s so important to  maintain healthy weight. People should keep their waist circumference under certain limits: man less than 102 cm/40 inches, woman less than 88cm/35 inches. reduced body fat links to reduce cancer risk.

Stop substance abuse

If you are a smoker, or drinker or dug user, these will increase cancer risk by 3 folds. Quit them as soon as possible. Quitting will be a challenging thing but it’s well paid off. When your body are rid of Nicotine, alcohol and other toxic addictive chemicals,   that will tremendously boost your immunity system and revitalize the life of essential internal organs, naturally, you can reduce cancer risk as well.

Be active

reduce cancer risk

Any form of physical exercise, be it brisk walking, jogging, hiking, strength training, all contribute to better health and therefore , reduce cancer risk. The key is to find the exercises that fits you, not only your schedule, but your health condition.  Then be consistent, keep it on the regular basis. Also push yourself to be your best, motivates your family to do with you.

Start healthy diet

There is no exaggeration of how important to eat healthy. Simply out, to keep you in optimal health, stick to whole food , fresh fruits and vegetables,  whole grains,  beans and peas, limited red meat,  good animal or plant based proteins. Cut off processed meat,  replace salt with herbs and spices.  Whole foods contain wide range of vitamins and minerals, the nutrients our body needs to repair and rejuvenate. Eating large amount of those foods have  been clinically proven to reduce cancer risk.

Keep air clean

This refers to both indoor and outdoor air quality.  Clean air means better health.  lung cancer has been rated as the deadliest cancer in the world, part of it stems from polluted air. With combined efforts of individual and government,  we can bring down the index of air pollution and ensure a better environment.

Annual check-up

reduce cancer risk

Annual screening and check up can detect early signs of cancer, to be the least, it will give you a idea of your general health picture .  especially after you reach 40, cancer screening test  should be done every year or every other year depending on your health history. Mammograph for breast cancer, pap test for cervical cancer, colon cancer test etc.  talk to your local health practitioner and find out which test is due.




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Why Should We Do Weight Training ?—7 Ridiculously good benefits of Weight Training

weight training

The old notion of weight training are all too familiar : muscular body builder with bulging biceps and pecs. This has daunted us from getting enough weight training, either working with weights or against  own body weight.  Now, countless studies show that weight training does tremendous good to our overall  health and wellness.  It is way more than about building muscle and looking good. Let’s check out the numerous benefits  of weight training.

Build muscle

It goes without saying that weight training is the best way to build up muscle.  You don’t have to worry about looking  beefy and bulky, cause even light weight training program can help you shape up and maintain healthy.  How about looking strong and lean? Yes, that is what you are gonna be when you add weight training to your daily exercise.

Prevent bone loss

weight training

When we’re young, bone resorption is balanced and new bone generation is quick  , but As we age,  bone mass loss accelerate and outpace the creation of new bone, especially among people who are sedentary and women approaching menopause.  Under the said circumstance, strength training  will prevent bone loss, increase bone density in key areas (hip, knee , spines), even stimulate bone mass production.

Control inflammation

Inflammation can be the cause of certain diseases: heart disease, asthma, arthritis etc. Study from Mayo clinic proves that overweight people can successfully bring down their inflammation markers after they start resistant training on the regular basis.

Improve insulin sensitivity

During weight training, your muscles consume large amount of glucose,  which continues well after you finish exercise.   This mechanism can help people( with type-2 diabetes,  high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome) better manage and regulate insulin.

Boost cognitive function

weight training

It’s hard to believe but according to Archives of Internal Medicine, people performing weight lifting  twice a week  experience improved cognitive function, they display better focus and less anxiety.

Help weight loss

Exercise on muscle tissue burns more calories than aerobic exercise.  The calorie-burning  process will last after the exercise is over.  In total, people with  weight training end up losing more calories than those without.  You might not see body weight dropping, but a firmer body with more muscle is expected!

Safeguard general health and well being

weight training

When we gradually develop adherence and stamina  thru weight training,  it improves overall health outcome and offers the biggest survival solution.  Again, it doesn’t have to be heavy load weight lifting, light weight lifting will do all the tricks too.

Do the 7 benefits convince you to turn onto weight training?  if do, go for it!

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10 Delicious low Carb Toast Toppings

low carb

Weight loss doesn’t mean you should starve or  suffer. if you are not used to healthy eating, weight loss can be a challenge, but with good plan and original food preparation ideas, low carb  food can turn out to be so appetizing and satiable. The following 10 toasts are what I prepare in daily life, it’s healthy, delicious, gives enough nutrition and energy. Read on !

Toast is basic and fundamental in western meal. toppings on it make it versatile and classical. I usually top anything colorful and nutritious on the toast.  No.1  principle in healthy eating is to eat seasonal and eat colorful. So load your toast up with the following recipes, for better fiber and low carb intake, we opt for whole grain bread here:

Peanut butter and banana

low carb

peanut butter is rich in plant protein, banana is good source of potassium and fiber. combined with whole grain bread, perfect for morning grabs on the go!

Avocado and yoghurt

spread yogurt on the toast, lay avocado on the top. yogurts contain protein, Omega-3 fatty acids are what avocado contributes, healthy fats gives you feeling of fullness  and sustaining energy.

Smoked salmon and cottage cheese

Salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids, a brain booster food! cottage cheese is low in fat and high in protein. for more flavor, shake some pepper or a few  drops of pure maple syrup on it!

Spinach and slice roast beef

Use the roast beef leftover from night before, slice it thin, stir fry with spinach, sprinkle with garlic or garlic powder.  it gives you extra dose of vitamin and iron except for good animal protein

poached egg with fried tomato slice

cut a thick slice ripe tomato and fry it with coconut oil, lay poached egg over it and top off with ricotta cheese. low carb, high protein, healthy fats, you get all within one go.


low carb

Hummus is always my favorite, tasty, high in protein and fiber, ideal for low-carb and craving fighting. with its low GI value, it is good to stabilize blood sugar.

Almond butter and strawberry

Almond butter is healthy protein alternative to peanut butter. strawberry provides lots of fiber and vitamin C (the antioxidant compounds).

Cucumber and cottage cheese

Tasty and nice color combination, this low carb toast also supplys vitamin and protein. if you feel like, you can also put grilled chicken breast piece in between for more protein

peach and plain yogurt

choose ripe and soft peach, plain yogurt helps maintain healthy gut. sprinkle a few pistachios on it, just to make it look nice and get the extra antioxidants

Cut up meat ball and salsa

low carb

spread salsa on the toast, put halved meat balls on it, top off with mozzarella cheese. taste even better if you microwave it for 15 seconds.


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