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Best Time To Drink Water In The Day

drink water

We all know that water plays an essential role in our health. our body will give out signs when we don’t get enough water.  To prevent that happens, we should drink water at the optimal time in the day to help you stay hydrate. read on to find out when is the best time to drink water to maximize its effectiveness :

After getting up

After a night’s sleep, your body loses approximately 450ml water. a glass of water can rapidly replenish the lost water, and more importantly, thin the blood (making it the natural way to make the blood pump more smoothly), and help activate internal organs.

Before bedtime

drink water

Since nighttime sleep takes away water in the body, a few sips of water before sleep will help thin you blood, lower the risk of stroke or heart attack. it also prevents night time leg cramps

Before meal

A glass of water 30 minutes before meal  can aid digestion, for it will start mucus production of stomach, which protects stomach tissue from acid . plus water can soften stools to prevent constipation.

Before bath

Water that you drink, combined with the warmth of the water in the hot bath or shower serve to dilate your blood vessels, hence your blood pressure drops. The water that you drink also serves to dilute your body’s sodium levels, which further decreases blood pressure. That is why a glass of water before bath will do good to your health.

drink water

Now that we know drinking water at the right time can serve the best purpose, let’s have an overview of heath benefits water does to human health :

flush out toxins

regulate body temperature

help maintain normal kidney function

lubricate joint cartilage

help convert food into energy

promote digestion

prevent constipation

Hydrate skin and prevent wrinkles

prevent urinary calculi

boost blood circulation

lower blood pressure








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