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Best Simple Foods To Eat After Workout

foods after workout

We achieve weight loss with combined efforts: diet and workout,  among which right diet is at the core, what food you eat is more crucial than exercise you do. That said, what to eat post-workout is equally important as pre-workout. A good workout will burn calorie, consume muscle proteins , deplete glycogen, and bring down blood sugar. Right foods will fix all the above deficiency and fuel up your body again.

What makes right foods after workout? generally speaking, they should contain good protein, carbs and fat. 

what do they do in our body?

replenish energy

restore glycogen

increase muscle protein

revive metabolism

foods after workout

Protein, carbs and fat

Protein helps repair and grow muscle

Protein provides our body with amino acids to repair damaged muscle and aid muscle tissue growth.

20-24 grams of protein soon after workout will ensure your body maximum recovery from exercise.

Carbs replenish glycogen and help with recovery

Our body use glycogen stores during workout, consuming good carbs will replenish them and provide sustained blood sugar and ongoing energy.

Combination of carbs and protein (with ratio of 3:1) will maximize your protein and glycogen synthesis.

If you are a consistent exerciser,  snacks with protein and carbs after workout is more important.

Fat is a welcome nutrient

Don’t take it as a bad thing, fat actually has a positive impact on your post-workout recovery.   But do choose the good fat that can help with recovery and muscle tissue synthesis, and limit your intake.

foods after workout

Foods to achieve the purpose

We give here a list of foods after workout:


eggs, plain yogurt, chicken breast, salmon, low-fat cheese, milk


potato, sweet potato, quinoa salad, oatmeal bar, beans, brown rice cake, whole grain pasta


an array of nuts, avocado,  coconut oil, nut butters

Foods after workout:

foods after workout

Just to give a rough idea what exact foods after workout

  1. whole grain tortilla with chicken breast strip and veggies
  2. fruit smoothie with plant-based protein powder
  3. hard-boiled egg with oatmeal bar (with least added sugar)
  4. 1 serve of fruit with nuts
  5. beans soup with celery and leafy green salads.


You can find more post-workout recipes online. The best time to eat is between 30-45 minutes after exercise,so keep your snack simple and powerful!







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