The Best Daily Healthy Schedule From Doctors


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We should eat a good breakfast, small nap after lunch, sun bath on the weekends….. everyone knows a little thing about what a healthy life should be.  But does that cover all?

What is  a healthy day like?  According to doctors ,  below is the optimized timetable for your health, each step synchronizing with your metabolic rate.

5—-6 am

Get back for some more sleep if you wake up at this hour.  ample sleep charge up your brain and promise you an energetic day. if you cant sleep, close your eyes and let your thoughts rest.

6:30 am

Get up , take 20-30 minutes exercise, stretching, Taiji, walking… these light exercises will prepare you for the busy day and speed up metabolism.

7—8 am

Treat yourself with a good breakfast that is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and whole grains. a glass of milk, whole grain toast with peanut butter, an apple will provide most of the energy for the morning.

10 am

A small handful of nuts between the busy moments, it will enhance your brain  power, feed on your dropping blood sugar and  keep blood pressure steady.

11—12:30 am

lunch time. try put in as many color as you can in your plate. more colors means more nutrients. combine meat with vegetable, or beans with vegetable. vitamins and trace minerals will do much more good than refined carbs alone. Always fuel up your body with good nutrition for the other half day.

13:00 pm

If possible, take a 20 minutes nap. afternoon nap is found to reduce blood pressure, protect heart, boost immunity and help improve memory.


A cup of coffee or green tea will bring you right back to alertness and better performance. choose black coffee without cream or sugar. green tea also gives the best fresh-up, thanks to polyphenols in it, green tea can also cut cancer risk.

15:00 pm

Get yourself a break from work, stretch up, go out and get some sunshine.


You might feel tired or restless due to dropping 5-serotonie level, snack on yogurt and  whole grain cookies.

18:00 Pm

Dinner time. Enjoy dinner with families. dinner should not be too heavy, choose light dishes, make sure it makes up with nutrition you went without thru the day.  As the best time of the day, spend it with your family.

21:00 Pm

Brushing teeth now sends a signal to your neuro system ‘no more food’. let your body wind down, get ready for a relaxing sleep.


Go to bed around 22:00, no later than 23:00. adjust the room temperature down to 18.9 Celsius Degree.



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