6 Hidden Benefits of Sweating You Didn’t Know

benefits of sweating

Sweating is one of the ways our body adapts to nature, also  a key mechanism to  regulate body function. We sweat for a good reason, or , for a number of good reasons. Even though in current society, sweating is always looked upon as an unpleasant, uncomfortable thing.  In our skin, millions of sweat glands excrete sweat  everyday, for adults,  almost 1 liter of fluid was purged thru sweat —a hard-to-believe fact!  it helps us not only brings down body temperature, also performs an array of roles for our health.  see the 10 hidden benefits of sweating :



Main make-up of sweat is water and sodium, depending on what you eat, sweat also might contain some chemicals and trace minerals too.  Sweating is the best way to excrete wastes and toxins from our body, as pointed out in Journal of Environmental and Public Health.  Based on the related research,  researchers have detected lead, arsenic and mercury in sweat, a superb way to clean out our system.


Mood enhancer

Physical exercise help body heat up to a certain point, with temperature rising , sweat breaks out which leads to increased endorphine—simply put, you feel happier and more confident. Sweat also releases a feel-good hormone, it sends positive neuron signals to your brain,  boost your happy feelings.

In a nutshell, the more you exercise, the most you sweat, the happier you are.

Benefits of sweating

Skin care

Sweat does good to our skin? Absolutely. Sweating opens our pores,  removes embedded dirt and grease on our face.  With the removal of excess wastes, no wonder you get cleaner and glowing complexion after sweating!


Skin healer

Another fantastic job sweating does to our skin is to  heal.  Sweat glands offers  natural reservoir to store adult stem cells. When there is cuts , scratches or burns,  sweat can help heal them by regenerating skin tissue.

benefits of sweating

Boost Immunity System

Dermcidin is a potent  antibiotic peptide in sweat that help boost our immunity system.

This antibiotic-rich serum can help fight any intruding bacterials and pathogens  be it insects-bite, sting, flu.   In this light, skin offers the first and best defence for our health. and sweat glands is the only part of our body to produce this antibiotic agent.


Improve digestion

Sweating is a mechanism that involves whole body. when we sweat, it speeds up our metabolism,  and as a result,  foods  move along  smoothly thru intestinal tract system, promote better digestion and bowel movement.   For people with constipation, sweating will definitely help you form softer stool.


Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are deposits of mineral salt such as magnesium ammonium phosphate,  sweating can limit the accumulation of salt in the kidneys and urine, which  reduce the risk of kidney stones. In addition, more sweating increases thirst, which make you drink more water. The more water goes in, the less likely it is that kidney stones will form.

Benefits of sweating

 What are the  ways  to sweat?

Intensive workout—jogging, weight lifting



Actually, anything that requires physical labor and breaks a sweat will do the trick!  Just do it, remember the more you sweat, the more benefits it does to your health!














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