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8 Easy Honey Drinks You can Make For Family Health

Honey drink for family health

For centuries, honey has been famous for its healing power for our healthy. It includes vitamins, trace enzymes, amino acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium.  But how many people just use it as sugar?  when combined with other ingredients, honey can add more health and wellness  to your life.  Keep reading and find out how to make easy honey drinks  for family health.


Honey + wolfberry

honey wolfberry drink for health

Wolfberry contains powerful antioxidants. At the turn of seasons,  say , in spring or fall,  flu often occurs,  honey wolfberry drink can help build up strong immunity system and keep flu out of your system.  Start drinking it at the beginning of the season.

Honey and wolfberry are both rich in vitamins, when you suffer from cold sores,  honey wolfberry drink can help treat the virus  infection and heal the sore within a few days.

It is also good for your eyes. Thanks to its antioxidant properties,  wolfberry can protect your eyes from free radicals.  If you have weak eyesight or cataracts, consider  drinking it on the regular basis.


Honey+ brown sugar

honey brown sugar water for health

This mixed drink works best if you have diarrhea from stomach flu, it is able to provide instant relief.

Compare to white sugar, brown sugar is less refined and  more natural, enriched with Beta-carotene and amino acids, also being abrasive, this drink then  is good at removing dead skin and the dirt that clog your pores.


Honey +ginger

honey ginger water for health

Ginger has a long history of treating digestive problems, motion sickness. It is also great to treat inflammations, due to its antioxidant compounds.  Honey ginger drink can  reduce the symptoms of sore throat, coughing and respiratory tract infection.

In china, people still preserve the tradition to drink honey ginger water to detox liver and enhance liver function.


Honey +lemon

honey lemon water for health

Lemon has been in trend for quite a while for its fresh zesty taste, actually, it is packed with nutrients too. Polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons are able to help your improve your memory . when honey mixes with lemon, it provides the best way to fight radiation from computers and cell phones.


Honey+ pear

honey pear drink for health

As an antioxidant fruit,  pear fights inflammations effectively. People with hangover should drink honey pear water, for it helps negate the harm caused by the alcohol.

Long-time coughing cause great discomfort,  honey pear water can help you treat it associated with lung infection.


Honey +green tea

honey green tea for health

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, another type of antioxidants, it helps boost our immunity system , protects cell from being attacked by free radicals. Frequent honey green tea drink can improve acne skin or any skin allergic conditions. It’s also the best when used to fight inflammation in our body, helping combat infection.


Honey+ white vinegar

White vinegar has potent healing property, also notable for its antioxidant and anti-inflammation effect.  It is an ideal drink for people with arthritis and diabetes.

According to a Japanese study, people drinking 500ml honey white vinegar water per day has much lower BMI than those who don’t.  it is therefore great for weight loss.


Honey + milk

honey milk for health

 Those who have sleep disorder will need honey milk.  milk contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that help induce sleep. A glass of  warm honey milk before bedtime can calm your nerves,  you end up sleep faster and better.

Milk contains 9 essential amino acids,   when mixing with honey, it provides multiple benefits for physical and physiological needs. People looking to boost their health will definitely love the drink!



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