8 False Health myths debunked


Carrots are good for night vision; spinach contains more calcium than milk;  eating fatty food will make you fat……Do these sound familiar to you?  When we get misconception  and false health statement, it can do more harm than good to health. today, I will debunk 8 false health myths that passed down thru years.

Eating breakfast fires up your metabolism

Yes and no, it totally depends on what you eat for breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal porridge with an     boiled egg,  slice of apple will for sure fuel up your body and give metabolism a much-needed boost. But if you opt for refined cereal , sweet donuts or slice white bread with chocolate spread, you probably get derailed for whole day.  Go whole grain and good protein.

Organic  food is pesticide –free and have more nutrition

Organic  food is not free of pesticides, farmers growing organic foods  are allowed to use chemicals derived naturally. Those chemicals sometimes pose bigger risk to health than synthetic ones.  And organic food doesn’t necessarily contain more nutrition than otherwise.


You need to drink 8 glasses of water every day

Not necessarily. We can’t survive without water. The amount of water you need depends on your type of daily activities. People with active life mode  need  to drink more  than those with sedentary lifestyle. Also, other fluids need to be taken into account, including juice, milk, even fruits and vegetables you eat.

Night time snack make you fat

If you  have chips and cookies for night time snack, definitely you will pack on a few extra pounds.  But a healthy whole-grain bar won’t lead to weight gain.  As you as you watch the total calorie you take in, night time snack is not a weight packing monster.


Eating fatty food make you fat

It seems obvious that if you eat fat, you get fat. But the obvious turned out to be misleading. Moderate fat in food is the part of healthy and balanced diet. In addition, healthy fats in nuts, oils are essential nutrients that our brain and heart need. Eat fat, but in moderation.

Sugar causes diabetes

There is no solid scientific evidences that sugar is the direct cause of diabetes. However, excessive  sugary food and drinks will lead to weight gain, which might trigger diabetes further  down on the way.

The best way to lose weight is exercise

In terms of weight management, what you put in your plate matters most. Improving eating habits will do more for you to control weight, while exercise plays a key role to keep weight off.


Being exposed in cold weather give you a cold

You get cold from virus, not from weather.  The reason we get cold in cold season has to do with our indoor environment, it makes virus spread quicker and wider.  To minimize the chance of getting a cold, try to avoid public places too often in the winter.



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