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8 Easy Breezy Skin Care Tips to Get Great Skin

Easy tips for great skin

 No matter how old we are, we want to look at our best.  The  flawless, blemish and acne-free, glowing face is what every woman desires , and more importantly, We can follow the following easy skincare tips to get great skin :
 1. Remove make-up every night.  It’s so important to go to bed with clean face. The skin needs to breathe overnight. And makeup prevents that, as leaving it on overnight clogs the pores which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. Don’t possess a makeup remover? Just put some olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage the oil onto your face to get rid of the makeup and dirt.

2. Apply sunscreen every day . Skincare is 24/7 job. Do this even on cloudy days.  with SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Since a lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems, you have to protect your skin from the sun. Make sure the label reads ‘noncomedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’ so that the product does not tend to block pores. if you head to beach or tropical destination, be sure to take with you sunscreen with SPF 40 care tips

3. Eat/ drink for your skin.  Water makes up the vital part of our body, as well as skin. Your skin needs lots of fresh fruit and veggies,  and pure water to retain its moist and suppleness. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar promotes radiant skin. Consider adopting a low-sugar diet, which can keep insulin levels down, allowing cells to maintain a healthy balance.
skin care tips
4. Break a sweat  Running, jogging and Yoga, Pilate will give your body the necessary blood circulation, and also accelerate the cleansing process of your entire body. You will notice a glow on your face after work-out.
5. Sleep good.  Skincare happens during sleep too. make sure you get 8 hours sleep, your skin loves that!  more than that, choose to sleep around between 10 to 11 when skin cells start repair  and regrowth.
6. Wash your face first with warm water then end it with cold water.  Good  skincare takes wise cleaning methods. Warm water opens your pores and let out all the dusts and dirt in there, while cold water effectively closes the pores, leaving face ready for better absorption of serum and lotion.
7. Do facial massage once a week. A gentle facial massage with oils could work wonders. Depending on your skin type, choose oils from mustard, coconuts, almond  as they are excellent nourishing agents which help to get glowing skin.
8. Let go of stress.  Skin care goes deeper than skin-deep. When you are stressed, you tend to break out more. This is because stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, making the skin more oily. Practice stress management techniques like breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. The more you meditate, the more you radiate.  The magic chain reaction here is , when you yoga or meditate, stress takes leave of you, you sleep better, hence get better skin.
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