7 Surprising Facts About Detox Water You Should Know

facts about detox water

No doubt detox water is in trend. With fresh fruits and herbs adding to it,  it only makes sense that detox water can clean up body, burn fat and lose weight.  But how to bring out the best of detox water? What misconceptions we have about detox water?   Reading the following 7 Q &A,  it will clear up some of the confusions.


Are detoxication and clean-up the same thing?

Detoxication and clean-up are different concepts. Clean-up means drinking water to hydrate body, making it more readily to absorb nutrition,  pass out waste and reduce constipation. Drinking detox water hardly detox, instead vitamins and fibers in the fruits and herbs in it are responsible for detoxication. In this light, we encourage you not only drink it, but eat the contents too.

facts about detox water

Does detox water really work?

It is a nice novel idea to combine fruits with water, but it only works to a limited degree. For people who don’t eat enough fruits , this is a possible way to increase vitamin intake if you eat the fruits too.

facts about detox water

What fruits to choose for detox water?

Not all fruits are suitable. Those easily oxidized , for example, apple and banana,  should not soak in water,  for oxidation cause vitamin loss. Fruits with thick peel or rich in Vitamin A, E and Beta-carotene are not made for detox water either, like avocado, papaya .  Best options are strawberry, pineapple, kiwifruit, lemon, orange, they are packed with water-soluble vitamin C , and burst with refreshing sour sweetness.

facts about detox water

Does detox water help cut fat?

When fruits soak in the water,  its potassium helps body pass out excessive water,  therefore,  it might help shed pounds, but what body lost is water, not fat.  Fat still stores in fat cells. We can only cut fat with effective diet plan and exercise.


How long should be fruits soaked in the water? Any requirements on water temperature?

1 to 2 hours soaking time is  good for nutrition to seep out.  For better results, cut the fruits into small bite size.  Too cold or too hot water can cause vitamin loss, so make sure use room temperature water. Airtight  the glass to prevent oxidation. Once open, drink it up as soon as possible.

facts about detox water

Does fruit sugar in the detox water make people gain weight?

Not really.  Fruits going into detox water are mostly low-cab and low-sugar, plus when you follow daily fruit servings, you won’t go beyond the sugar limits.  The ratio between water and fruits should be 2 Liters water to 1 fruit.


Will too much lemon cause stomachache?

Normally, 1 to 2 slices of lemon in the water adds a nice sour taste .however too much lemon does cause acid reflux, and upset stomach. 1 lemon diluted in 250ml water  will yield good tast.

facts about detox water




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