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Why Should We Do Weight Training ?—7 Ridiculously good benefits of Weight Training

weight training

The old notion of weight training are all too familiar : muscular body builder with bulging biceps and pecs. This has daunted us from getting enough weight training, either working with weights or against  own body weight.  Now, countless studies show that weight training does tremendous good to our overall  health and wellness.  It is way more than about building muscle and looking good. Let’s check out the numerous benefits  of weight training.

Build muscle

It goes without saying that weight training is the best way to build up muscle.  You don’t have to worry about looking  beefy and bulky, cause even light weight training program can help you shape up and maintain healthy.  How about looking strong and lean? Yes, that is what you are gonna be when you add weight training to your daily exercise.

Prevent bone loss

weight training

When we’re young, bone resorption is balanced and new bone generation is quick  , but As we age,  bone mass loss accelerate and outpace the creation of new bone, especially among people who are sedentary and women approaching menopause.  Under the said circumstance, strength training  will prevent bone loss, increase bone density in key areas (hip, knee , spines), even stimulate bone mass production.

Control inflammation

Inflammation can be the cause of certain diseases: heart disease, asthma, arthritis etc. Study from Mayo clinic proves that overweight people can successfully bring down their inflammation markers after they start resistant training on the regular basis.

Improve insulin sensitivity

During weight training, your muscles consume large amount of glucose,  which continues well after you finish exercise.   This mechanism can help people( with type-2 diabetes,  high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome) better manage and regulate insulin.

Boost cognitive function

weight training

It’s hard to believe but according to Archives of Internal Medicine, people performing weight lifting  twice a week  experience improved cognitive function, they display better focus and less anxiety.

Help weight loss

Exercise on muscle tissue burns more calories than aerobic exercise.  The calorie-burning  process will last after the exercise is over.  In total, people with  weight training end up losing more calories than those without.  You might not see body weight dropping, but a firmer body with more muscle is expected!

Safeguard general health and well being

weight training

When we gradually develop adherence and stamina  thru weight training,  it improves overall health outcome and offers the biggest survival solution.  Again, it doesn’t have to be heavy load weight lifting, light weight lifting will do all the tricks too.

Do the 7 benefits convince you to turn onto weight training?  if do, go for it!

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