7 Alarming Things Sugar Does To Your Body—-Stop Sugar Indulgence!

Do you  know how much sugar you take every day?   If not, do you know how much you should take?  9 grams of  added sugar are the recommended portion,   but we are well above that limit.  In North America,  People use 22 tablespoons of sugar every day,  they  come  from   Sugary drinks, candies, cakes, breads, sweetened dairies, even energy bars,  tomato sauce… you won’t be surprised  that how fast  sugar has  taken over our healthy home cooking and whole foods snack.    Sugar contributes to  various modern chronicle diseases, it’s addicting and toxic, but the public haven’t realize how harmful it could be .

Sugar now comes under  many different names : corn syrup, agave nectar, palm sugar, cane juice, or sucrose. But despite different names and forms,  sugar is still sugar,  when we overuse it, sugar will do grave damage  to our body . Let’s examine  the negative effects  of sugar one by one:

  1. Speed up aging: when too much sugar goes into our blood, it attaches itself to protein , this new molecule will deprive our skin and tissue of their elasticity , which leads to sagging skin, weak organ and hardened arteries.  More sugar in the blood means faster aging.

      2. Teeth decay: apart from other deadly effects, the most obvious damage happens to our teeth. When sugar sits on them, it cause cavities.

     3.Feeds cancer cells: cancer cells use sugar for survival, division and growth. large amount of  sugar in the blood provides the ideal environment for cancer cells to thrive.

     4. Damages your liver: liver is the transporter for sugar, excessive amount  of sugar will overload and possibly  even disable liver in the long run.

   5. Affects your insulin & leptin Signaling. With too much sugar, your liver becomes resistant to insulin(a hormone that helps turn sugar into energy) . when your body is unable to control blood sugar, diabetes is looming .  Leptin is a hormone protein , it passes on our eating behavior to brain, when intervened by too much sugar,  it stops working properly.  This will lead to overeating , obesity and diabetes.

   6. Affects behavior and cognition : Too much studies have found the correlation between excessive sugar consumption and Alzheimer Disease, the same way  as it works in diabetes 2  .

   7. Damages your heart: excess sugar can affect your arteries, causing its walls  to grow faster then normal and more tense,  therefore, your heart has to bump harder. Over time,  this will damage heart and lead to heart disease, heart attack and coronary disease.



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