6 Simple Healthy-Eating Tips to Feed a Picky Child

Healthy eating

As a mom of 5 year old, I definitely know the challenge of raising a healthy eating child. it’s a day to day job, and meal to meal commitment.   I have always been a healthy eater, fortunately, under my influence , my daughter is also a versatile eater. That’s the step 1: to raise a healthy-eating kid, be a healthy-eating mom!  

There are 6 tips you can get to feed a picky child if that is the case in your family, I am going to  share my experiences here with all moms:) Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email to share yours!

healthy eating

Wary of nutrition needs

The needs for nutrition are slightly different based on their age. before we plan out kid’s meal, first thing is to find out what they need.  for example, at the age of one and two, our kids needs whole milk to develop their immunity system. at 3 to 5, partially skim milk will suffice to meet calcium intake requirement.  after 5, skim milk would be a great option. Also, we should wait till 1 to feed them , cause egg white might lead to allergy.

Portion and calorie matter-Cornerstone of healthy eating

For our kids , healthy eating comes in small portions , with calorie-dense foods, as they need more energy for growth but have small stomach. Nuts, seeds, eggs, salmons, avocado are better options as they offer healthy fats. snacks should also be made out of those healthy ingredients , rather than salty chips, sugary cakes and cookies.

Fruits and vegetables at hand

Packed with wonderful vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetable should be at finger’s reach for kids.  keep them at the most reachable place, toss them in the salad, smoothie,  make them delicious stir fry. there are 1000 ways of getting kids falling in love with them, find them out!

Colorful and fun—key to healthy eating

Healthy-eating is  a happy thing, make it colorful and fun. for example: add broccoli hair, cucumber eyes, smiley tomato mouth to the simple macaroni.  this way, they get extra micro-nutrients!  Make rainbow plate: purple cabbage green pea salad, whole grain bread with coconut oil and strawberry jam spread, grapes and orange as a side dessert.  Set it your mission to make colorful meal, the more colors, the bigger appetite.

healthy eating

Water is the best drink

Plain pure water is the best drink for kids, it keep them hydrate and full of energy all day.  but sometimes it’s hard to get them drink especially when they are used to sugary drinks. Don’t give up, put different herbs or fruits in the water, they will love the color and the taste. my latest whim was to put mint and raspberry in my daughter’s water, she loved  it,  bottomed it up and ate all the raspberries at the end!

healthy eating

Healthy eating is long way to go, it takes mom’s awareness and commitment to cook healthy food on the daily basis. But with our kid’s health and future at stake, nothing is not worth trying.  I will  share more tips in terms of healthy cooking in the upcoming blogs, keep watching out!

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