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6 Top Benefits of Yoga You Do Want To Know

benefits of yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise dating back to 5,000 years ago. Nowadays, more and more people  catch up with its benefits and start practicing to stay healthy, lose weight and obtain peaceful mind. As a holistic approach , it offers an all around body-mind  exercising regime by performing various poses. Either you look to boost immunity, detox body, lose weight or keep mental well-being, Yoga, without a doubt, is the best exercise fitting into your daily schedule.   The following 6 Benefits of yoga will give you a better understanding of it.


Clean physical body

Cleaning exercises in yoga is designed to remove waste which our organs are not able to throw off. In some cases, Yogic cleaning even assists nature in removing waste products.  We clean our skin, teeth every day. But Yogic cleaning goes a little father and cleans some of the important parts of the body that are generally neglected.

benefits of yoga

Increase circulation and intake of oxygen

Yoga’s main purpose is to increase the circulation and the intake of oxygen. This can be achieved by simple movements of the spine and various joints of the body, with deep breathing but without violent movement of the muscles. (Violent muscle movement produce large quantities of lactic acid in the muscle fibers, thus causing fatigue, that is how you feel after  intensive weight lifting or aerobic activity.)

Yet, in the Yogic system, all movements  are slow and gradual with proper breathing and relaxation. Carbon dioxide and other metabolites are produces by active muscles. A moderate excess of these substances stimulates the heart to beat more strongly , in consequence, it will pump more blood out and transmit  more oxygen  thru body.

benefits of yoga

Lubricate joints

Yoga’s various body movements are beneficial to joints lubrication. The slow movements of the joints during practice waste no energy. Owing to the twisting and stretching, blood vessels are pulled and stretched and blood is equally distributed to every part of the body, including joints. Joints become more elastic and flexible, as a result, it prevents sports  injury  and delay degenerative bone disease like osteoporosis, arthritis.

benefits of yoga

Tone up muscles

In Yoga practice,  muscles, ligaments, cartilages and other structures all get proper stretching and massaging.  many poses in Yoga would help improve the mass of your muscle. Yoga poses such as sun salutation strengthen the muscle in your legs and arms. Also, warrior pose would also be beneficial to improve the muscle in your legs.  Regular Yoga exercise can definitely shed excess flab and flaccidity.


Relax and achieve mind peace

Another therapeutic values of Yoga involves meditation which comes with relaxation and deep breathing.   Yoga works on two layers, physical and spiritual.  Thru deep breathing and meditation, it  has helped me connect body to mind,  create more self-awareness and achieve instant peace of mind. Owing to its calming effect, good sleep at night is guaranteed.

benefits of yoga

Lose weight

Yoga advocates natural healthy eating.   to Better clean body, what you eat matters.  Fresh fruits, vegetables are the storehouses of nature’s energy to nourish the cells of our body. They don’t act like drugs to cure ailments, but comprise the most vital rebuilding and regenerating foods that body use to construction.  When you are committed to yoga practice,  you will be led to its natural  eating philosophy, plus regular yoga exercise, it is undoubtedly  the best way to lose fat and drop inches.

benefits of yoga

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