6 Tips to Put Healthy Meal In Your Plate

healthy plate

What makes up of a healthy plate? We eat for nutrition, sustaining energy , good mood and strong heart. That’s why what we put in plates is so important.  Review what are in your current plate , make adjustment by following our tips. You can stay optimal health by simple adding and  subtracting certain foods!

Vegetables and fruits should make up half of your plate

Vegetable and fruits contain abundant vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants compounds. They help our body  regenerate cells, fight inflammations, combat free radicals and  therefore, prevent chronic diseases.  Make sure your vegetable and fruits choice are wide and varied.

healthy plate

Must-have whole grains

Whole grains includes whole grain bread, lentils, oats, quinoa, sweet potato, brown rice… limit your intake of refined carbohydrates like white bread or white rice. whole grains are good source of fiber, help you maintaining healthy gut. they also  slow the rate of digestion and causes a more gradual and lower rise in blood sugar.

healthy plate

Don’t forget good protein

Protein is the essential part of our healthy cells. A healthy plate is not complete without good protein.  white meat, fish, soy products, beans are rich in protein. limit processed meats, too much of them leads to cancer.

Healthy oils

we can get healthy oils from either flax seeds oil, olive oil,  the best source of monounsaturated fat and Omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy oils helps lower LDL (Bad cholesterol)and raise HDL (good cholesterol) and are known for heart health. Use them for cooking and salad.

healthy plate

Add water in your healthy plate

There is no exaggeration how good water is to our health. Water as a side drink by your healthy plate is the best choice. you can also drink tea or coffee. But avoid sugary drinks, also go easy on juice unless you make it at home.

Dairy products 

We strongly recommend fat-free Milk, yogurt, low-fat cheese at every meal. High in calcium, diary products promote bone health and prevent osteoporosis.  But again, moderate is necessary, limit to 1-2 serving a day.

Apart from healthy plate, you will double its benefits by staying active and moderate sun exposure.

healthy plate

Hope these tips will help you develop healthy eating and lifestyle, you will benefit from this basic diet guidelines when you stick with them!


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