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6 Things You Can Control To Reduce Cancer Risk

reduce cancer risk

Reduce cancer risk while or before it develops, this is not a myth.

Many factors play a role in whether we get cancer. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health , the risk factors are obesity/overweight, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol consumption, unsafe sex, urban air pollution, indoor smoke from coal, and contaminated injections given in health-care settings.

Even thou it is not completely possible to prevent cancer,  if we tackle the above-listed risk factors and change our lifestyle, approximately 2.5 million annual cancer deaths would be prevented through environmental and lifestyle changes.

Maintain healthy weight

Overweight and excessive weight are associated with many types of cancer. When you are overweight, your body cells don’t respond well to insulin, fat tissue produces estrogen while estrogen promotes some cancer. Overweight is also linked to constant inflammation, and long term inflammation increase cancer risk. This is why it’s so important to  maintain healthy weight. People should keep their waist circumference under certain limits: man less than 102 cm/40 inches, woman less than 88cm/35 inches. reduced body fat links to reduce cancer risk.

Stop substance abuse

If you are a smoker, or drinker or dug user, these will increase cancer risk by 3 folds. Quit them as soon as possible. Quitting will be a challenging thing but it’s well paid off. When your body are rid of Nicotine, alcohol and other toxic addictive chemicals,   that will tremendously boost your immunity system and revitalize the life of essential internal organs, naturally, you can reduce cancer risk as well.

Be active

reduce cancer risk

Any form of physical exercise, be it brisk walking, jogging, hiking, strength training, all contribute to better health and therefore , reduce cancer risk. The key is to find the exercises that fits you, not only your schedule, but your health condition.  Then be consistent, keep it on the regular basis. Also push yourself to be your best, motivates your family to do with you.

Start healthy diet

There is no exaggeration of how important to eat healthy. Simply out, to keep you in optimal health, stick to whole food , fresh fruits and vegetables,  whole grains,  beans and peas, limited red meat,  good animal or plant based proteins. Cut off processed meat,  replace salt with herbs and spices.  Whole foods contain wide range of vitamins and minerals, the nutrients our body needs to repair and rejuvenate. Eating large amount of those foods have  been clinically proven to reduce cancer risk.

Keep air clean

This refers to both indoor and outdoor air quality.  Clean air means better health.  lung cancer has been rated as the deadliest cancer in the world, part of it stems from polluted air. With combined efforts of individual and government,  we can bring down the index of air pollution and ensure a better environment.

Annual check-up

reduce cancer risk

Annual screening and check up can detect early signs of cancer, to be the least, it will give you a idea of your general health picture .  especially after you reach 40, cancer screening test  should be done every year or every other year depending on your health history. Mammograph for breast cancer, pap test for cervical cancer, colon cancer test etc.  talk to your local health practitioner and find out which test is due.




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