6 Facts About Salt People Aren’t Aware of

For years, we are educated by  health authorities  that sodium in salt is the culprit of high blood pressure, it also increases the risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Is that true?

A recent research which tracked  133,118 people’s diets  has new findings. The startling medical discovery will blow you away: people on low-salt diets were more likely to develop heart disease, strokes and death than those who had moderate amounts of sodium in their diets!

It’s not  bogus news trying to make sensational headline in tabloid. If you know how important role the salt plays in our body,  it all makes sense.

Let’s unveil the true color of salt here:

  1. Salt helps our body maintain fluid balance and relay nerve impulses to and from brain.
  2. Salt contains more than 80 minerals from Calcium, Copper, Zinc to Magnesium, potassium, phosphorus etc.  Our body uses these minerals to form proteins, enzymes, and vitamins, in a word, salt involves in the major body operation  mechanism.
  3. Daily sodium intake  should range from 2,500 to 5,000 mg , not “the less, the better”.
  4. Instead of cutting back on salt we use on cooking and table, doctor advises people switch to unrefined sea salt.  (I personally like Himalaya pink sea salt) , its sodium content is 40%-57% lower than processed table salt while trace minerals are way more and better preserved.
  5. As long as you stay away from processed food, like bread, frozen meals, cereal, canned soup, you won’t go over the 2,500-5,000 milligram daily limit.  For myself, when I get thirsty after eating certain foods, I  know that is something to avoid next time.
  6. Each morning, after wake up, before breakfast, take a glass of  filtered salt water , it helps balance your body fluid and clean up/detoxify your intestine.


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