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5 Daily Tips To Minimize Cellulite—Easy and Effective

tips to minimize cellulite


Cellulite is lumpy fat deposit people get underneath the skin, usually on the thigh, butt and around hip.  it’s common skin condition that 90% of people experience, and more women have it than men.  what causes cellulite? fat cells push up the connective tissues and some dimpled skin will be noticeable, which is what we called cellulite.

Cellulite can be a genetic thing. if you mom gets it, most likely you are getting it. but more often than not, cellulite develops when we start packing up extra pounds.   There is no cure for cellulite, but we are still able to minimize it by  doing the following things:



Massage is a good way to minimize cellulite. massage stimulates blood circulation and reduce fluid retention.  take a few minutes everyday to give the spot a firm rub, you can do this before bedtime or in the bathtub, with the excessive fluid out of body, cellulite will get less noticeable.

Tips to minimize cellulite

Healthy diet

Pile up your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables (of high water content),  also foods that high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids . all these foods  help you shed pounds , remove waste and toxins . Omega-3 fatty acids help grow collagen and elastic protein in the skin.   By combining those good foods together, the cellulite will be less prominent.

tips to minimize cellulite

Physical exercise

Get active, do exercise and tone up your body .  lean or plump, you can always get cellulite.  but extra fat leads to more obvious cellulite. when you start losing fat and build up muscle, cellulite will be put under check. but be aware, don’t lose fat too fast, that will create more loose skin. 1 pound a week is more like the healthy pace. combine strength training with cardio to get best result.

tips to minimize cellulite


Drink lots of water thru out the day. water helps your body stay hydrated. dehydrated skin makes cellulite even more visible.

Tips to minimize cellulite

Use smart serum

Use serum that contains stem cell derived growth factors. It is by far the best skin care product you can apply to fix cellulite. Growth factors target damaged or old skin cells,   promote collagen and elastic protein growth. it doesn’t work miracle  overnight, but proved to improve skin condition and minimize cellulite.

tips to minimize cellulite

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