5 Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated and Focus

Stay motivated and focus

It happens to everybody. You feel low, lazy, not interested in anything. These unmotivated and uninspired moments are like parasites, they eat away our life, suck out our energy, blur out our focus.  so it is essential to stay motivated and focus

Our body needs nutrition, so do our minds. Actually, only when our minds stay active and peaceful, can we achieve physical balance and health. That is what we call “body-mind harmony”.

When these low episode struck, take the following 5 steps,  they can pull you out of sluggish days, and fuel you right up.


Admit that you lost your focus and being lazy. It’s normal, it happens to everybody anytime. it’s nothing to feel ashamed nor guilty. Face up to it, Be aware of  it’s being here.  it’s not possible to stay motivated and focus all time.


Find out “why”

Find out the reason why you feel that way. ask yourself questions and answer them honestly. all problems we have in life have to do something that goes inside our mind. As above, so below; as within, so without.  why I find this relationship dull? why can’t I stick to my plan? why I neglect my dreams? why I don’t love my current life?  why I have no goal ?……Your “why” is what keep you going. Answers to these “why” might dawn on you.

stay motivated and focus

Positive Mindset

There are countless studies show that positive thinking can change your life for better.  when you find “why”and realize a change is necessary, start thinking positive! this is key to turn your blue moments around.

whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life——Anthony Robbins

Believe you can stay motivated and focus, believe you can make things happen, know your life is going in the right direction, see  that  you are reaching your goal…. all these positive perceptions will work miracles, when you practice daily.

Take action

Without action, nothing comes thru. you can clean out your clutter in the cupboard, or finish household chores neglected for a long time. Just doing one thing that was cleansing and constructive will get you moving. one small step at one time will add up to real transformation, not only in physical you, but in your mind. that your mind will propel you to get more thing done….. once a good cycle starts and gets momentum, nobody can stop it.

stay motivated and focus

Do the thing you are afraid of

This could be so therapeutic. want to stay motivated and focus? do the thing you hate but you know you have to do, do the thing that prevents you from getting results, do the thing you are afraid of and drag you down…. every time you feel lazy and unmotivated, do a thing that can change the game, you know what it is!

You will then get on with your life, and life will change from the moment you take the 5 steps. still doubtful? well, take actions and see how well it’s gonna go!


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