5 Enemies In Foods To Identify For Our Good Health (1)


trans fat, sugar

As more and more people fall prey to obesity and diseases induced by obesity, we need to pay attention to what we put in our plate or what we order in restaurant. Foods play a vital role in either defending or destroying health.  among all the groceries, snacks and fast foods, it is up to us to identify the “bad” ingredients in foods, avoid them and do healthy cooking for family, this is the last threshold to a happy wholesome life.   There are 5 enemies of good health for your reference.  they should raise immediate red flag when you see them on the food labels.

Bad fats

For years, we worried about the animal fats in meat, cream and butter, because they clog our arteries and cause heart disease. But until recently,  we realize that trans fats in some processed hard margarine and oils are worse.  Due to its long shelf life, food manufactures put trans fat in cakes, cookies, processed meat, french fries, ice cream etc.high level of trans fat may affect brain function and debilitate mental capability  Be sure to check the label and nutrition facts when you do shopping  make sure the food contains 0 trans-fat.cook with vegetable oil instead of  solid shortening.   if you  have to eat at fast fried-food restaurant, stay clear of the fried food unless you know they use trans-fat free oil.

trans fat, sugar

Toxic sugars

Sugars are omnipresent in foods, from pizza to yogurts. sugars add nothing but empty calories. sugar also comes in different names:cane syrup, fructose, glucose, granulated white sugar, dextrose…..Sugar is metabolized in the liver to fat, damaging the liver, causing insulin resistance,  spiking blood insulin levels and leading to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease and stroke.  All the evidence suggests that we have to consume less foods and drinks with added sugars. start cutting back on them can help our body function better. as our sugar intake goes done, we won’t suffer blood sugar up and down , therefore, we will experience less mood and energy fluctuations. Fruits, fresh or dried, are a much more nutritious source of sweetness,  they also provides vitamins, minerals and fibers to our body. Always eat naturally to fuel our body with essential nutrients, you will see how much healthier you feel.

Click here to find foods that contain trans fat and sugar, avoid them as soon as you can. your body will thank you.

trans fat, sugar


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