5 Enemies In Foods We Need To Identify for Our Health (2)

refined foods


Refined/processed food

Nowadays, we live with refined foods. cookies, pies, ready-made meat products, processed meats, colorful cereal products. Invariably, refined foods are high-sugar, high-fat and low-fiber, they are packed with additives ,  preservatives and colors. those additives not only aim to prolong their shelf life but cater to consumer’s tasting buds.  as a result, refined foods have been a major driver for life-threatening diseases.

As for processed foods, they pose the highest danger. one 2010 study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who regularly ate processed meats had a 42 percent higher risk of heart disease and a 19 percent higher risk of type 2 diabetes.  processed meat contain several additives that preserve the meat, among which the most lethal ingredients is nitrate. it forms compounds that are harmful. studies in animals have found they can cause tumors. Many other additives are used during the processing , smoking or salting of meats that could also trigger cancer.

Refined foods  sometimes can be  deceptive. some foods sound like healthy, but they can trap the unwary people. ready-made smoothie, vegetable chips, bran muffins, flavored vitamin and mineral water, granola, frozen Yogurt etc , you can find them in any food store, they actually fall into same high-sugar, low-fiber category.

Solution: always always buy fresh produce and meat, choose snack with natural ingredients without added sugar. home-made foods are the best option for your family health.

refined foods


Some additives are naturally extracted, like herbs, spices. but most are artificial and created in the food chemical labs.

it ‘s not an overstatement that modern food industry will collapse if there are no additives. additives are used to preserve food longer, enhance flavor, taste better and look better. Too much additives in food can transform into serious health concerns on our health.  there are far more additives that are essential in foods, even the small amount of additives, over time, can build up in our body and potentially cause illness.

Learning to read the product label is vitally important . there is a simple way to tell if the additives listed on the label are safe or not. if you don’t know the word, in most likelihood, it is chemical additives. the most unfamiliar words you run into, the more unhealthy the food is.

Again, buy fresh, cook fresh, order fresh, your health will be in safe hands.

refined foods



Alcohol has never been so readily available.  The numbers affected by alcohol are on the rise, there is no distinct differentiation in age in  terms of alcohol abuse. young or old, you can fall victim.  alcohol misuse cause long-term harms including depression, liver and kidney disease, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease.

That being said, if drink in moderation, alcohol does show positive health benefits. The American Heart Association agrees that strictly moderate drinking can raise good HDL cholesterol and lower bad LDL cholesterol. resveratrol in red wine even possesses amazing antioxidant effects, only if you limit alcohol intake to 1 or 2 drinks a day.

Drinking with benefits requires moderation:

1. Save alcohol for mealtimes

2. keep intake low, sip it in.

3. never drink on empty stomach

4. have a glass of milk before drink

5.  drink to enjoy, not to abuse.

refined foods



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