5 Best Ways To Build Strong Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis

Build Strong Bones

Bone loss start when people hit 35 . As we age, bone loss increases , too much bone mass loss lead to osteoporosis. This is a process that gives no warning, until one day you trip, fall and fracture a bone.

Osteoporosis can be genetic, or age-related,  It  happens more to women than men. If you are female,  over 50,  have family members suffering from osteoporosis, all these factors put you on high risk of developing osteoporosis. but it is a preventable disease if you take daily actions to build strong bones.


5 Ways to build strong bones and prevent Osteoporosis


 Calcium makes the essential part of Strong Bones

Without enough calcium, bones will start breaking down.  A glass of milk per day falls far behind body calcium requirement.  According to medical experts, adult needs to take  at least 1000mg calcium everyday, if you already have osteoporosis,  calcium in your diet or supplement should reach 1500mg.

The best source of calcium are low-fat dairy products, soy products(Tofu, soy milk), dark green leafy vegetables, Calcium-Fortified drinks, cereal etc.

build strong bones

Get Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D help our body produce and absorb calcium, make sure you get 15 minutes of sunlight per day. For people in northern area where they can’t get enough sunlight in the winter, consider getting Vitamin D supplement on top of normal diet.

 4,000IU of Vitamin D a day  is safe for most people. Tuna, salmon, egg yolk, yogurt with fortified Vitamin D are good source of Vitamin D.

Exercises  help build strong bones

Exercise makes bone stronger, even when you have weak bones, exercise will stimulate growth of new bone and increase bone-density. It is because when bones get pressure, they are prone to grow more bone masses.  Two types of exercises are recommended:

Weight-bearing exercises- including walking, jogging, climbing stairs, dancing, yoga, Taichi

Strength training- you can either do weight-lifting or use your own weight to reach the goal: push-up, plank, even carry your baby are some of the effective ways to prevent osteoporosis.

No matter what exercises you do, alternate them to ensure all your bones are trained and strengthened.

build strong bones

Quit drinking and smoking

Use of tobacco and alcohol will cause  bone loss.

Nicotine will harm the normal function of cells, especially bone-making cells. Smoking also increase your risk of bone fracture.

Excessive alcohol consumption will disrupt bone growth process and decrease bone density.

It is never too late to quit drinking and smoking, especially when combined with exercise,  it increase the rate of bone-formation, which is good for bone-density.

build strong bones


Maintain  appropriate  weight

Being underweight doesn’t help you build strong  bones, it increase bone loss;   being overweight increases your chance of  bone fracture. Keeping a healthy weight  is vital to have good bones  as it is good for health in general.





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