5 Best Foods and Drinks For Your Life-long Good Teeth

foods and drinks for good teeth

 Good oral health comes with good teeth, even more,  teeth reflect our general health condition.   When you hit 50 and still possess 32 or more teeth, congrats! you are in your prime time.   Every teeth has a life span, in order to prolong the span, we need to eat foods that replenish the required nutrition.  Foods that provide calcium and phosphorus(aims to remineralize our teeth after mineral  in tooth enamel get removed by acids) are top on the list. They create  bacteria defense, clear acids, strengthen enamel and much more.

There are 5 types  foods and drinks doctor suggest we consume on the daily basis to promote good teeth.



Dairy products

Cheese, milk, yogurt falls into this category.  Their high calcium content offers great constructing and supporting material for our teeth. For lactose intolerant people, soy milk, Tofu and beans are great alternative.

foods and drinks for good teeth


Nuts never falls short of people’s expectation on health promotion. Take almonds for example, half cup of almonds contain 180 milligrams calcium.  Nuts might not be the No.1 item to come up in our mind as to calcium boosting. But they do increase calcium intake and strengthen our bones(herein our teeth).

foods and drinks for good teeth

Green veggies

Green leafy veggies are plant-based sources of calcium. Spinach, broccoli , kale, bok choy and celery are some of the common choices . we get  336mg of calcium from a bunch of those greenish.

foods and drinks for good teeth

Water-content fruits

Apples, watermelon, pears… . juicy as they are, their contains plenty of water, which  cleans food particles on the teeth and increase saliva flow to neutralize oral acids.  Eventually, despite its sugar content, they are still able to prevent tooth decay.

Foods and drinks for good teeth


Good teeth needs water.  Water might be the best drink to  defend against bad oral bacteria. Drinking water throughout the day can wash away food residue and bacteria on the teeth. unsweetened tea and milk are the second best.  But be careful, too strong tea can  leave stains on the teeth, opt for tea bag instead of tea leaves.

foods and drinks for good teeth







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