4 Wonderful Foods To Boost Your Memory

foods to boost memory

As we age, we tend to get forgetful, a sign that  our brain power is receding . Brain health synchronize with rest of our body, if we can eat smart to stay better health, there are also “smart” foods available to maintain or increase the chance of  healthy brain. The following 4  foods Will help boost memory  and improve overall brain health.


Green Tea:

foods to boost memory

Green tea is always linked with calmness, relaxation,  recent studies has found that  EGCG, the  compound in green tea , is particularly beneficial for brain health. it shows to improve people’s memory.  Start drinking green tea or adding green tea extract to your diet, you will experience memory improvement.


Wild salmon:

foods to boost memory

Rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, deep water wild salmon  are famous for its brain health benefits. For Omega-3 fatty acids provide the best fuel for brain function, they also contain anti-inflammation substances that offer further protection of brain cells.   Other Omega-3 rich fish includes sardines and herrings.  2 times a week is the minimum intake to help boost your memory.



foods to boost memory

Black berries, blueberries are packed with antioxidants,  the compounds do miracle to neutralize free radicals, fight inflammation occurring in brain and repair damaged brain cells. Study also shows blueberries boost memory in mild cognitive damage.   A cup of berries  per day can reduce the age-related  brain disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease  or dementia.  Want to boost memory , you can surly rely on super berries!



foods to boost memory

 A handful of walnuts a day keep memory at play. High antioxidant  (3.7 mmol/ounce); abundant  vitamins and minerals, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) (2.5 grams per ounce), plant-based omega-3 fatty acids , all these star ingredients make walnuts the most desirable brain snack. Scientists have found that walnuts exert  positive effect on reducing cognitive impairment and overall brain health, including  boost memory, repair cognitive impairment, slow down progression of Alzheimer’s disease .


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