4 Smart Tips To Make Instant Noodles healthier

instant noodles

Hardly anyone can resist the temptation of instant noodles. Packed with artificial flavor and easy cooking, instant noodles has become a convenient meal choice .   High in sodium, the noodles also contains high amount of fat, saturated fat, food additives and preservative. there is little or no vitamin, minerals , protein or fiber in it. Due to its low nutritional quality, it is not recommended for  daily meal.

Yet there are times that you are busy on the go, and fridge is nearly empty….. instant noodles thus is a “better than nothing” alternative.  I hereby share 4 tips to make your instant noodle a bearable meal choice:

Eat once in a very long while

You don’t want to treat yourself with instant noodle everyday. considering its high sodium (1 package of noodles with the seasoning bag  contains almost 17,00mg of sodium), frequent intake of such food can increase the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Also due to its dire nutritional make-up, excessive consumption can lead to malnutrition.  solution to that? eat it only when you have absolutely no other choice.

Adds nutrition to it

Lettuce, spinach, mushroom, bok choy, cabbage, just to name a few, are the best vegetable to put in the noodle for extra vitamin and fiber.  for protein , you can add eggs, tofu, lean meat  in it.  some people even put in frozen green peas, diced carrots in it, it not only gives the noodle more colors , also increase the nutrition quality.

Pay attention to label

when you buy instant noodles, choose the ones with less sodium, or of whole grain, and smaller portion.  Always opt for healthier choice without compromising your tasting buds.

Go easy on the seasoning mix 

when you cook instant noodle, don’t put the whole seasoning in the soup, try only the half bag. seasoning contains too much sodium and saturated fat, you want to keep them low. also, skip the soup, only eat the noodle part.


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