3 Simple Steps To Jump Start Your Healthy Meal Plan


Basic components of a healthy meal includes protein, good carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamin and minerals.   Kids need various nutrients to meet their body and brain development, adults  need nutrients to keep up with their physical and  mental demands. Believe it or not, healthy meal is the best way to ensure an optimal health, hence a  happy life.

Utilizing this as diet guideline,  we are able to prepare healthy meal every day for our family.   To begin with, Healthy meal plan is key. If you are not used to cooking healthy, try to improve the skill in 3 steps:

1st step :  clean out and stock up your pantry

Healthy meal plan starts with  pantry. Examine  your pantry and  take a mental note of what you have there.  Pantry is where we keep a healthy food stock. Do you have too much cookies , chips, high-sodium canned soup or sugary snacks in the pantry?  Those empty –calorie food won’t help you maintain weight  and good health.  To eat healthy, try to stock up on healthy goods and snacks. Dry beans,  whole wheat macaroni,  veggies soup mix,  healthy energy bars,  nuts, low-sodium canned food, organic chicken stock etc.

healthy meal plan

2nd step: sit down and work out your weekly meal plan

We all get crazy daily routines. Meetings, project deadlines,  kids’ extracurricular  activities, ….. when we are on the go, we tend to grab whatever we have in the kitchen, or just drive thru for fast food as hunger relief. The result?  We eat more and get less nutrition.  That is where weekly healthy meal plan comes in to  help out. Take 15 or 20 minutes every week, sit down with your partner and kids, discuss the next week grocery list and  meal  plan, including everyone’s favorite healthy meal, making best use of dinner leftover, prioritizing on fresh fruits and vegetables, be healthy and creative.  Therefore, you go shopping with fully loaded ideas and list. The whole family will be saved for the next 7 days.

The following  is my healthy meal plan for this week, just for your reference:

Monday: (breakfast) Dorset cereal with low-fat milk

(lunch)broccoli cheesy macaroni,  1 kiwi

(dinner)Chicken breast stir fry, brown rice

Tuesday: (Breakfast)steel-cut oatmeal with flaxseeds, diced fruits and walnuts

(lunch) left over from last night dinner, a fresh salad

(dinner)soba noodle with seaweed, slice cumcuber, BBQ shrimps

Wednesday (breakfast) whole grain egg & cheese tortilla, almond milk, apple

(lunch) whole grain sandwich with BBQ shrimps

(dinner) baked chicken dinner

Thursday (breakfast) broccoli egg pancake

(lunch) chicken sandwich , veggie and fruit salad

(dinner) beef hamburger helper with assorted veggies

Friday (breakfast) low-fat yoghurt with granola, fruits, nuts

(lunch)tortilla with last night beef hamburger

(dinner) salmon berry quinoa medley

Saturday (breakfast) boiled egg,  whole grain blueberry muffin, soy milk

(lunch)tofu stir fry with cabbage and pine nuts, brown rice

(dinner) spaghetti and meat ball

Sunday (breakfast) French toast with strawberry ,  pure maple syrup

(lunch)  salad with beans, veggies and left-over meat ball

(dinner)brown rice, steamed white fish and veggies stir fry

healthy meal plan

3rd step:  Stick to the meal plan but always buy a bit more to allow for unexpected

It goes without saying that unexpected things happen in household,  uninvited guests, kid’s  whim,  sudden craving for certain foods….. And we need to prepare for that.  Buy extra to cope with those situations. sometimes, healthy meal plan expands to a nighttime pizza , or afternoon chocolate ice cream. its’s no problem spoiling our family once in a while, those moments always sparkle and it reminds us of home as a place where happy and  comfortable life takes place:)

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