12 Wonderful Foods To Solve Constipation For Good

Foods for constipation

Constipation affects 50 million people in North America. If you find yourself poop every 2  or 3 days and  have a hard time on the toilet, you might be one of them. a healthy person should poop everyday,  ideally 3 times a day. But due to our life style and eating mode, constipation is only too common. Constipation can be as uncomfortable as harmful.  This gastrointestinal disorder needs immediate attention. Laxative works but not desirable, another alternative is  healthy eating. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat lots of food with high water content and high fiber—– This is once –and- for- all solution for constipation.


The following 12 foods will help make good bowel movement, apart from that, You meanwhile benefit from their abundant nutrition.



Legumes include beans, peas and lentils. High in fiber, they are the leading choice for your gastric intestinal condition. One cup of legumes contain 30g of fiber, you can add them to your salad, soup and pasta, depending on which beans you use. Too much beans might cause gas, go moderate.

foods for constipation



Another excellent source of fiber, it increases the bulk of your stool, and helps it easier to move thru the intestines.   Add diced fruits in your oatmeal, double the bowel-moving benefits!  Not only oatmeal, whole grain bread, quinoa, cornmeal, brown rice are also in the league.

foods for constipation



Broccoli /cauliflower stands out among other veggies for its multiple nutrition: fiber, essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and protein. A cup of broccoli /cauliflower gives you 5g  fiber. I personally opt for cauliflower more cause it works even better when it comes to cleaning up the intestines.

foods for constipation


Berries (blueberry, strawberry)

Berries never failed me.  Blueberry and strawberry are especially rich in fiber, besides other amazing health benefits. 100g of berries offers 2.4g of fiber, it is also loaded with anti-aging antioxidants. Why miss on that?

food for constipation


High pectin apple fiber can improve digestion and increase bulk of stools. An average size apple provide 2.4g fiber.  It is the best stool-softener for kids. “An apple a day keeps doctors away” still stands nowadays.

foods for constipation

Sweet potato

Sweet potato has been cultivated for thousands of years.  In some areas, people eat sweet potato as their staple food due to its high fiber content(every 100g provides 3g fiber). antioxidants wise, super good too!

foods for constipation


Despite its small size, kiwi is a powerhouse fruit. 500 times Vitamin C more than apple and 5g fiber content for every 100g.   Like apple, it ‘s also good for babies’ constipation, make sure your baby is above 6 months old.

food for constipation



No one questions how powerful yogurt is to improve digestion and keep healthy digestive tract .Probiotics in yogurt are responsible for soft and regular stools.

foods for constipation


Yes,  beta-carotene in carrots is impressive antioxidants.  Its high fiber is also not to be neglected(2.8g fiber for 100g carrots).  Eat it raw as snack or add it to you soup, this nutrient-dense veggie packs healthy fibers into your diet.

foods for constipation


Pear is the fruit that causes the least allergy. Safe as it is, its fiber content should get same credits: 5.5g fiber for a medium size pear,  sorbital in the pear  help loose up stool too. Looking for a constipation remedy? Go for pear.

foods for constipation


Research suggests that pistachios have properties similar to probiotics, which helps the growth of a healthy bacteria in the digestive system. And a healthy GIT means healthy poops.  Another good way to relieve constipation.

foods for constipation


 Dried fruits (fig, prunes, raisins)

Dried fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber(6 g for 100g dried fruits) and also contains sorbitol which is a natural laxative. But due to their high sugar content, people usually eat it scarcely.

Foods for constipation


Last but not the least, water is the most important to help stool move thru colon. Make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.  Water is the ultimate solution for bowel-related disorder. If you combine it with the above 12 foods, constipation will become a remote past.


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