10 Worst Breakfasts You Want To Call Off

worst breakfast

Breakfast is vital important to start your day right. Good breakfasts contain each of the 5 pillar nutrition needed by our body: protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. For energy-supplier, it should be rich and nutritious.  Read on to find out 10 worst breakfast we should avoid. Remember, breakfast is all about nutrition, not convenience.

Box Cereal

Box cereal are loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates. It doesn’t keep us full long, we will start looking for food in 1 or 2 hours.  What we should buy is whole-grain cereals with no added sugar. Check for protein, fiber, sugar, and other fortified trace minerals content, make informed purchase.

worst cereal

Toast and Jam

Toast and Jam is a convenient breakfast food.  If you use whole grain bread and home-made jam, it’s not too bad, at least you get fiber and vitamins out of it.  white bread with jam makes poor option, they are loaded with sugar and preservatives.  Out of dire necessity, opt for jam with low sugar or without added sugar.

worst breakfast

Instant oatmeal

It sounds healthy, but anything instant comes with a price: cut-off nutrition. Instant oatmeal is full of sugar and highly processed with chemical fruity flavors .  it is stripped of fiber and minerals that normally exists in the oatmeal. worst breakfast? I think so.  Best to do is to buy steel-cut oatmeal or real quick oats, serve it with organic maple syrup or fresh fruits.

worst breakfast


Pancakes  are tasty. If you make pancakes with pancake mix and serve with table syrup, you get filled up really quick and get hungry same quick too, for refined carbs let your blood sugar rise and fall quickly. This cycle makes you overeat.   Get whole grain flour ,mix  with yogurt and eggs, healthy carbs fill you up much longer and won’t create sugar spike.

worst breakfast


Sweetened yogurt

Too much sugar in yogurt  makes yogurt less healthy. Yogurt we buy is so sweet that it becomes dessert.  Eat it as breakfast will only make you crave more sugary stuff later on. Try Greek yogurt or plain yogurt, top it with nuts, oats, fruits or pure maple syrup.


Processed meat

Normally, you don’t associate them with worst breakfast. But breakfast on Bacon, ham, sausage is by no means healthy.  Rich in protein, yet,  they also contain preservative and additives, Nitrates in it are linked with colorectal cancer. Avoid or limit those processed meat not only in the breakfast, but in your diet.

worst breakfast

Toaster pastries, doughnuts

Again, they are loaded with sugar and refined carbs. Sugar is the worst way to fuel your morning, it increases risks of high blood sugar, obesity, diabetes. Completely say no to those sugar added snacks. It is quick and convenient, but quick to cause disease too.


Fast Food

When you are busy on the go go go, you might not resist the temptation to grab a breakfast burger at fast food restaurant.  Those burgers are high in fat and calorie, it adds to your weight, not to your health. make your own breakfast sandwich the night before, use whole grain bagel or English muffin, top it with egg, microwave  in the morning, add cheese, lettuce and slice of tomato to it.

worst breakfast

Instant Noodles

Probably the worst breakfast I have ever heard. 2 biggest harmful ingredients : monosodium glutamate (MSG) as well as tertiary-butyl hydroquinone(TBHQ) – a chemical preservative derived from the petroleum industry – are present in instant noodles to enhance  their taste enhancing and prolong shelf life. Not to mention their empty carbs , high sodium and saturated fats….. Don’t  trade health for convenience.

worst breakfast

Toasted bread with margarine

Toast with coffee, how many people start their day this way? Same as bread with jam, toast with margarine is another poor way to fill your belly, some margarine contains trans-fat,  which triggers heart disease.  Replace margarine with peanut butter , white bread with whole grain,  you will fare better on protein and fiber.









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