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10 Foods that Fight Hunger Pang and Help You Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight but cant stand the hunger pang? Do you have similar Experience? when hunger pang attacks, the  snacks we crave for are always chocolate bar, sweet cookies or crunchy chips.The reason that those high- calorie, high- fat snacks appeal to us  is our intrinsic quest for survival. In Ancient times, Storing as much as fat as possible in the body  is the only way to help human survive the grim winter. After thousands of years of evolution, this mechanism has become a built-in survival skill .

How do we break its spell? Are you looking for some healthy eating tips for weight loss?

These are top 10  foods that help you lose weight, they are also full of nutrients.

  1. Apple

Apple is called “nutrition powerhouse”,they contain Vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins((riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B-6), minerals(potassium, calcium ) and dietary soluble fibers. 1 apple at hungry time will give you good sense of filling.

2. Chickpeas

In addition to their satiating qualities, chickpeas also decrease the risk of coronary disease. In a study of almost 10,000 men and women in North America, participants who ate beans more than four times a week had a 22 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease than those who ate beans less than once a week. You can make chickpea salad or buy ready-made hummus at the grocery store. Its packed fiber fill you up , make you lose weight more easily!

3. Carrots

Most of the benefits of carrots can be attributed to their beta-carotene and fiber content. This root vegetable is also a good source of antioxidant agents.  Carrots contain just 44 calories per 100gm which makes it a perfect healthy snack, you can either eat it raw or make carrot juice .

They contain enough hydrophilic fiber to keep you full for longer, you end up eat less and therefore lose more weight. And the American Cancer Society includes them as a key dietary recommendation. The cancer protection comes from four specific nutrients called glucosinolates, which are the starting points for a variety of cancer-protective substances. brush coconut oil on them and roast with garlic for 20 minute in the oven, you get a perfect side dish!

5. Berries

Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are packed full of nutrients and are lower in sugar than other types of fruit such as mangos or bananas. That’s why berries are often lauded as great fat-burning foods. However, fruit in general can help people achieve their fat loss goals. It is full of soluble fiber, its natrual sweet taste also satisfy sweet teeth’s craving for sugar.

6. Potato

Doctors suggest diabetic people have more potatoes rather than rice or bread as their staple food. why? potato is an ideal carbohydrates substitute, for one serve contains only 110 calories. apart from that, potato is packed with nutrients : Vc, fiber, VB6, potassium and iron.  If you are on the run the whole day,  there’s a potato option to fuel your body and brain throughout the day. low carb and low GI , can you think of better food than potato to help you lose weight?

7. Chia Seeds

This small black or white seed has the capacity to absorb water up to 12 times its weight! This ability means you maintain hydration and retain electrolytes; when your body is properly hydrated, nutrients from foods you ingest are absorbed more efficiently. Chia seeds also have no discernible flavor, so they can bulk up your favorite snacks and meals  (think smoothies, yogurt, dips and spreads, stir-fries, etc.) without affecting their taste. Chia seeds also contain eight times more omega-3s than salmon and 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries! I usually put chia seeds in my oatmeal or yogurt.

8. Okra

Many people stay away from okra because of its slimy consistency, but it’s easy to alleviate the texture when you add okra to stews, soup, and stir-fries. Okra is high in vitamins A, B6, and C; folate, calcium; iron; and magnesium. When you add okra to your meals, you won’t be hungry for hours.  Stir fry Okra with eggs is my all-time favorite.

9. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate for weight loss

A little healthy sweet will help you take control of cravings, dark chocolate falls securely into this category. dark chocolate doesn’t contain as much sugar as milk ones or other sweet bakeries, so small amount of it everyday will prevent you from reaching for high-sugar snack. it is also great to decrease body fat, low blood sugar.  fiber in dark chocolate will give you the filling and put hunger under check.

10. whole egg

foods to lose weight

whole egg increase your satiety with less calorie.  one whole egg contains approximately 140-160 calories. it is also rich in protein and healthy fats,  protein  aids weight loss while healthy fats protect heart, one boiled egg for the breakfast will make you eat less for the whole day.




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