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10 Super Antioxidant Foods that Fight Disease and Promote Optimal Health

Antioxidants is the defense system of our body, as we age, antioxidant production in our body will go down.  they protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals.   this damage can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronicle conditions.  Good news is , we can make up for the antioxidants deficiency by adding all kinds of vegetables and fruits to our diet.  By choosing foods with high concentration of antioxidants, our body will be able to prevent diseases, boost immunity system,  and gain optimal health.

In order to build up the “Defense Wall”,  doctors suggest people take at least 5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruit per day. People with medical conditions should consider up to 7 servings, or even antioxidant supplements.

Here are 10 super antioxidant foods that you should keep in the fridge often, they are packed with vitamins,  minerals and all types of antioxidants, be sure make them part of your diet.

Blueberries: blueberries contains the most antioxidants among all the fruits and vegetable— flavonoids,  it can help repair the damaged DNA, so as to protect from aging and cancer.

—Green tea: green tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidants. it can block the DNA damage by pollution, sunlight and tobacco.

—-Dark skin grapes: grapes has one type of antioxidants called resveratrol, it has been proven to dilate blood vessel, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure , and also shows promising future in cancer prevention.

—-Dark Green Vegetable: vegetables like spinach, kale, arugula, lettuce, they can remove the free radicals from body, its antioxidants( carotenoids , floate) will decrease the risk of certain cancers.

—-Sweet potato: Beta-carotene are the main antioxidants in sweet potatoes, they can reduce the risks from free radical and heavy metals, prevent digestive diseases.

—-Brocolli: Its Vitamin C and flavonoids , type of antioxidants , can prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

—-Apples: apples   apples is packed with flavonoids and other antioxidants , they can prevent cancer cell growth, reduce cholesterol and lipid oxidation.

—-Nuts:  cashew, almonds, pecan, walnuts, you name it….all  nuts are perfect  source of antioxidants.  As heart-healthy, nuts play an important role in improving blood cholesterol.

—-Whole Grains : Whole grain foods contain surprisingly large amounts of antioxidants—polyphenols. They remove free radical from body, prevent cell damage, lower the risk of coronary  disease and cancer.  Pasta, whole grain bread, breakfast cereal are the ideal choice.

—-Avocado:Fresh avocado contains Beta-carotene, which help reduce blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease.  It also associated with reduced risk of metabolic syndrome,  which can increase the chance of stroke and diabetes.



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