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Watch Out For 10 Daily Skincare Tips That Are Not True

skincare tips

When we read skincare tips online or in the magazines, we tend to follow them to the word. but does it occur to your that some skincare tips out there are merely bogus and can mislead us? Here we debunk 10 skincare tips that don’t hold true.

Scalp massage prevent baldness

it is not backed by science that scalp massage prevents baldness. The onset of baldness is associated with hormone change in our body or genetic predisposition. Unless you can treat hormone change, baldness is irreversible.


Crossing legs cause varicose veins

Several risk factors contribute to Varicose veins, crossing legs is not one of them. varicose veins are hereditary, and bad living habits can cause it too , including smoking, high blood pressure, obesity etc.  Change lifestyle can improve varicose veins, however keep your legs uncrossed won’t help.


Use oil-free products if you have oily skin

Certain types of oils can actually help balance sebum production by keeping the skin adequately moisturized. while some oil-free cleansers can strip pores and stimulate them to overproduce oil in order to compensate.


The Higher the SPF  of sunscreen is, the Better 

Higher SPF doesn’t provide added benefits to your skin. Normally SPF 30 offers adequate sun protection, it blocks 97% of UV rays. If you spend time on the beach or staying outdoor for long, you will need high SPF sunscreen. It totally depends.

skincare tips

Tanning is good for you

Exposure to sun does promote Vitamin D absorption and help us keep strong bones. Tanned people look healthier, but it is not necessarily true. Long time sun exposure can cause skin cell damage and lead to skin cancer.  Tanned skin is actually a sign of damaged skin cells.


There is  nothing I can do for my acne

As a skin condition, you can do lots to prevent or improve acne. New studies show that when people eat certain foods, like milk or high-glycemic , they get acne break-out. Find out the foods that cause acne, stay away from them, use supplements, keep your skin clean, all these efforts can keep acne at bay.

skincare tips

Indoor activity doesn’t need sun protection

Sun protection should be year-around care. Either you are indoor or outdoor, sun rays are omnipresent, they reach your skin and cause damage. we definitely need sunscreen even if we sit in  the room with windows.


Antibiotic soap keep our skin clean

Antibiotic soap is not necessary to use daily, regular soap will be just fine. excessive use of antibiotic soap actually lead to more antibiotic-resistant bacteria. consistent and careful hand-washing is the key to keep bacteria away.


Natural skin products are the best

Natural skin products are made from natural  ingredients . No evidence shows that natural skin products works better than synthetic ingredients. especially if you have sensitive skin or got eczema, some natural ingredients will cause strong allergic reactions

skincare tips

Facial steams are good way to clean your pores

Steaming actually breaks the capillaries and can exacerbate rosacea. Steam rooms can also be fungus and mold traps. Stay away from steam rooms or steaming as a part of facials. Retinol and glycolic acid pads are the best way to clear pores.

————Gervaise Gerstner M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City






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