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10 Diabetes Friendly Snacks You Will Love

diabetic friendly snack

Diabetic people have to be vigilant about what they eat.  Refined carbs is the No.1 bad food cause it leads to blood sugar spike, comes second is sugary foods, sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, but it promotes weight gain, which, in a way, exacerbates diabetes.  Here we recommend 10 diabetes friendly snacks, they aim to provide energy, fight hunger while control diabetic signs:


Eggs contain rich protein and low carbs, it’s also sugar free. The best option is hard boiled eggs.  they satisfy hunger pangs with protein and, without spiking blood sugar.


Choose fruits with high fiber like bananas and berries. you can also add flax seeds or chia seeds in it for extra healthy fats. it tastes pleasantly sweet, will kill your sugar pang and make you feel full longer.


Opt for low-fat cheese. cheese with whole grain crackers will make best combination for diabetic people. high on fiber, protein and low in carbs, cheese should be on your must-have snack list!

Veggies assortment and humus dip

diabetic friendly snack

If you have time, sit down and make yourself a veggie assortment plate with humus dip. celery, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, veggies provide the best source of vitamins and trace mineral, while humus give your extra fiber and protein boost. both are low-GI and low calorie,  would boast top diabetes friendly snack.

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, walnuts, sunflowers, peanuts….. Canadian Diabetic Association noted that eating almonds can lower the glycemic index of healthy volunteers without diabetes. This research indicates that nuts may slow the carbohydrate absorption of high glycemic index foods (i.e., white bread or pasta) to help stabilize blood glucose levels in diabetics as well.

Home made popcorn

diabetic friendly snack

Popcorn is high in fiber, and when made from scratch is an all-natural food without additives and artificial flavorings. Popcorn comes with hardly any carbs, so eat to your fill and never have to worry about your blood sugar.

Fruits (fresh as well as frozen)

When I get to the point of poignant hungry, I always grab an apple to curb the hunger. likewise, fruits with low GI like pears, peaches, water melons are also diabetic friendly snack.

Fruit is an important part of any diet, even for people with diabetes; it provides fiber and other important nutrients.   Since fruit is naturally high in sugar, you have to mind your portion. other than that, you should include fruits to your daily snack scheme.

Beans salad

diabetic friendly snack

If you are hankering for a mini meal, make yourself a salad with plenty of greens, and be sure to add beans for the filling combination of fiber and protein. Half a cup of the below recipe, added to mixed greens, has 57 calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates. I always cook beans myself  to reduce sodium level. canned beans contain high sodium.

Baked whole-grain chips or pita chips

Unlike fried chips, bakes whole grain chips are diabetic friendly snack, they  are low in fat and high in fiber. with lots of herbs in it, you get different flavor without compromising the taste!

High-fiber cereal

diabetic friendly snack

Cereal made with bran, oats, barley, buckwheat can stabilize your blood is  perfect for quenching mid-morning hunger pangs.



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