10 Amazing Health Benefits of Maple Syrup


10 amazing benefits of maple syrup

Maple syrup has been hailed as the “one stop for all” super food.  Moderate use of maple syrup can yield many health benefits.  As a natural sweetener, it outweighs table white sugar, corn syrup and brown sugar in nutritional values. Involving much less process in its production, maple syrup is unrefined and contains many potential benefits to human health.


Nutritional Facts About Maple Syrup

Maple syrup contains high levels of magnesium and riboflavin, Zinc,  also a good source of calcium and potassium. On top of that, maple syrup is packed with antioxidant compounds which can neutralize free radicals in our body, the polyphenolic substance extracted  from maple syrup sap has shown good results in anti-inflammation.

Due to its manifold nutrition value, its amazing health benefits come as no surprise.

nutritional facts of maple syrup


Health Benefits of  Maple Syrup


Boost antibiotics: according to study from McGill University,   polyphenolic compounds  in maple syrup can act as antibiotics in fight infection and inflammation.   When researchers added the antibiotics with maple syrup-extracted phenolic compounds,   they could reduce the dose of antibiotic by up to 90 per cent to kill the bacteria.


65 Antioxidants help combat disease: maple syrup contains up to 65 antioxidants, which help combat disease caused by free radicals. It  has the same antioxidants found in berries, whole grain, flaxseed.

10 benefits of maple syrup

Beef up immunity system:   Maple syrup has high level of zinc and magnegnisum content , both minerals help boost immune system. Zinc opts for proper function of immunity system, magnegnisum produces energy and puts up antioxidant defense.


Help manage diabetes 2: maple syrup has relatively lower GI( 45) compared to regular white sugar and brown sugar. Once in body, it doesn’t spike blood sugar. Energy therefore is able to release much slower.  It also increases insulin sensitivity, thus provides a better way to manage diabetes.


Maintain normal brain function: magnesium is known to promote normal nerve function , rich antioxidant property in maple syrup can prevent oxidation of brain cells,  delay the onset of brain diseases linked with aging.

10 benefits of maple syrup

Maintain strong bones: calcium in maple syrup is a good option for bone health.  Adding more calcium to your diet can slightly prevent the bones from losing mass and also prevent osteoporosis that happen during old age.


Help weight management: due to its lower sugar and GI, maple syrup stands out among all the sweeteners to better manage your weight.  Use it in your cooking, you get better sweet taste and less healthy concerns.


Topical skin care choice:  antioxidants in maple syrup make it an ideal skin care ingredients. Mix with rolled oats and yogurt, maple syrup mask can effectively hydrate your skin, reduce inflammation and treat acne.


Prevent digestive tract disorder: if you suffer bloating, constipation, stomach cramps etc,  you might have taken  in too much refined sugar, switch to maple syrup, its probiotic  will produce good bacteria in the gut,  so as to prevent digestive issues.



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