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1 Magical Food That Helps You Get Rid Of Belly Fat Quick


belly fat

Nobody like belly fat, we tried so many ways to shed those bulging part around waist with little effect.  Today, I am gonna share with you common food that can do the magical—Beans.

As a bean lover, I love its starchy taste, fiber content and most of all, the power it shrinks my waistline within no time! as short as in 1 week, if you add beans to your meals, you will experience the wonderful feeling of getting lean. why beans possess such fat-burning ability? let’s take a close look at it.

what’s in beans?

white, red, black, green, pinto, lentil, garbanzo, you name it, these beans all contains super high fiber.  A half-cup of beans gives you 6 grams of satisfying fiber: 2 grams of blood sugar-lowering soluble fiber and 4 grams of colon-cleansing insoluble fiber. what does that mean? that means it digests very slowly in your gut system, therefore you get feeling of full way longer; also,  with their moving along your gastrointestinal tract, it takes away the waste and toxicity, you end up getting a healthy bowel system and naturally,  less belly fat.

Beans are also low GI food. Low GI food wont spike your blood sugar, and promote stable insulin release into blood. ideal for people who deal with Type 2 diabetes. With bean’s magical power of burning belly fat, blood sugar index will effectively improved.

Rich in Potassium and magnesium, beans are a great food source to help control blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Believe it or not, beans are even packed with phenols, an antioxidant compounds, which fight free radicals, combat oxidative stress, eventually, repair damaged cells. that is why beans have a reputation of  curbing long-term inflammation, and lower the cancer risks.

flabbergasted, right? eating beans can yield so many health benefits.

How much we need beans everyday? 

belly fat

Since commonplace beans possess so much nutrition value, how much should we eat everyday?

1 cup of beans will deliver the multiple benefits. dried beans are the best choice, you also make do with canned beans (mindful of its sodium, opt for low-sodium brand).  rinse and soak dried beans overnight, then cook it in soup or stew, porridge, toss handfuls in salad. or even bake with beans, they give extra tenderness to your muffin , bread and pancake.

You can go meat free on the days you eat beans, cause beans provide ample protein and iron.

belly fat

Before you know it , your belly fat starts disappearing, and you feel lighter, more energy, stronger nails…. that is how I feel when beans become my staple food. Try it out and see the results!

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